Old-Timers’ Home Remedies For Blackheads

Blackheads cause great embarrassment, especially to young girls in their teens who desire to flaunt their flawless smooth skin. It becomes a daunting task to remove them, which requires a great deal of expertise. However, without exercising a lot of pressure, and with little bit of effort and determination it is easy to remove them at home using natural ingredients available in the kitchen cupboards. Nevertheless, to eradicate these unsightly black marks on the face, primarily there ought to be an in-depth understanding of this problem.


What are Blackheads? – A Brief Intro

What are Blackheads?Blackheads referred to as ‘comedones’ in medical terms, are unattractive blemishes that occur on the nose, forehead, chest , neck, back and other areas, post puberty. This arises due to an upsurge of hormones, eliciting the stimulation of the sebaceous glands that result in accumulation of dead skin cells that clog the hair follicles. These lead to skin breakouts due to oxidisation of sebum exposure to dust and smoke, which make them black, with some of them turning yellow.

Causes of Blackheads
  • Greasy skin
  • Pre Menstruation
  • Excess use of Make up
  • Skin allergy
  • Medications such as corticosteroids, lithium and androgens
  • Birth control pills
  • Stress
  • Excess use of sunscreens and moisturisers
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome


Home Remedies for Blackheads

Honey for Blackheads

Honey for Skin

Honey is excellent for overall skin care, since it helps balance the oils in the skin imparting a smooth clear complexion. Applying warm honey on blackheads and rinsing with water minimises the pores keeping the skin moisturised.


Blend a teaspoon each of honey, milk and turmeric along with juice of half lime, left on the face for twenty minutes followed by a cold-water wash, provides excellent results.


Honey mixed with a pinch of baking soda and juice of lemon is another wonderful home remedy for clearing blackheads.


Lemon Juice for Blackheads

Lemon Juice for BlackheadsDue to their vital skin-nourishing nutrients and vitamins, lemons are beneficial for all types of skin. (Benefits of Lemon Juice on Skin)

  Fresh juice of lemon combined with milk proves extremely beneficial for erasing blackheads.

  Applying lemon juice blended with rose water in equal proportions gets rid of embarrassing blackheads, providing a clean and clear complexion. Regular use of this mixture clears blackheads, pimples and acne scars.

  Mixing lemon juice with a pinch of salt, left on those ugly blackheads for twenty minutes followed by a wash with tepid water works well.

  When it comes to skin care, Honey and lemon make a great combo. They have remained a time tested remedy for curing blackheads and acne.

  Applying Lemon juice and sugar on blackheads and massaging the area gently in circular movements, helps relieve blackheads.

  Lemon juice and groundnut oil also works well for both blackheads and acne.

  Ground drumstick pods and lemon juice also helps eradicate blackheads

   Lemon honey and salt mixture make an effective combination for combating blackheads.


Turmeric Powder for Blackheads

A natural antiseptic, turmeric is effective for most skin related problems.

Turmeric Powder for Blackheads   Mix turmeric and red sandalwood powder with milk to form a paste. Spread this mixture on to blackheads and wash with water after fifteen minutes to eliminate blackheads.

  Mix neem leaves and turmeric powder to form a paste. Apply on blackheads for attaining smooth soft skin.

  Blending turmeric with mint juice also proves one of the effective home remedies for blackheads and acne.

  Combine coriander leaves and turmeric powder to form a paste. Spread on the affected areas and see the blackheads vanish in a few days time.


Cinnamon for Blackheads

Cinnamon besides removing blackheads also prevents further eruptions.

cinnamon for blackheads   Mix a teaspoon each of cinnamon powder, turmeric powder and lime juice to form a paste. Spread this mixture on the blackheads at bedtime. Leave it on at night and cleanse next morning. Continual application of this mixture on the affected areas for a couple of week’s time provides good results.

  Mix a teaspoon each of cinnamon powder and honey to form a paste. Apply on blackheads leaving it at night. Wash the next morning.

  Combining a teaspoon of Cinnamon powder and juice of lime exfoliates skin and removes dead skin cells and stubborn blackheads from the surface, exposing a smooth glowing skin underneath.

  Cinnamon powder mixed well with groundnut oil also is an excellent home remedy for removing blackheads.

  Mix two pinches of ground cinnamon, along with half teaspoon of vitamin E oil and a couple of spoons of honey to form a facial mask. Use the mixture instantly by applying the paste on the affected areas.  Allow it to rest for half an hour and cleanse. Cinnamon helps exfoliate dead cells, while the vitamin E oil due to its antioxidant properties act as an agent for anti ageing getting rid of pimples, blackheads, acne and other skin blemishes. A natural cleanser honey eradicates bacteria, dirt grime and other skin residues, exfoliates dead cells and provides a clear glowing complexion.


Fenugreek for Blackheads

Another simple home remedy for blackheads is to make a paste of fresh fenugreek leaves with water. Spread a thin layer of this paste on the affected area. Allow the paste to rest for ten to fifteen minutes and then cleanse with tepid water. This is an effective remedy for not only blackheads but for pimples, acne and wrinkles as well.


Green Tea for Blackheads

Prepare a facial scrub by mixing a teaspoon of green tea with water to form a paste. Use this as a scrub on the face by gently massaging the skin in circular movements for a few minutes. This paste acts as a scrub removing oil and grime from the surface of the skin clears and tightens the pores.


Pomegranate for Blackheads

Pomegranate for blackheads   A paste prepared out of roasted and powdered pomegranate skin mixed with limejuice helps combat blackheads, acne, pimples and blemishes.

  Pomegranate juice too works wonders for blackhead prone skin. The juice containing potent properties helps repair and rejuvenate skin cells.

  Mash pomegranate seeds to extract the juice. Include lemon juice and green tea to the extract. Use this for exfoliation and massage using circular movements. Finally rinse with water after a few minutes.

  Pure Pomegranate paste applied on blackheads help eliminates blackheads.


Egg for Blackheads

Egg White for Blackheads

For battling the awkwardness of blackheads, whisk egg white until stiff. Spread this evenly on the blackheads affected areas. Allow to dry for fifteen minutes and cleanse with tepid water. For the rest of the day keep face free of any cleansers or lotions.


Another simple yet effective remedy for blackheads is to follow the same procedure as above but with a few drops of honey added to the frothy egg white. Allow the mix on the face for ten minutes and wipe clean with a wet fabric.


Baking Soda for Blackheads

When it comes to eliminating blackheads, exfoliating skin works best. Baking soda frequently used for exfoliating skin through microdermabrasion when done on a regular basis helps clear blackheads. Hence, mixing baking soda and water in equal proportions left on the face for twenty minutes and washed off with tepid water help get rid of blackheads. However, instead of water Apple cider vinegar containing antibacterial and astringent properties helps unclog the pores thus eradicating blackheads.


Aloe Vera for Blackheads

Aloe Vera containing antibiotic properties is beneficial for skin related disorders. Therefore, using a cotton pad, applying juice or gel of Aloe Vera on blackheads proves helpful.


Aloe Vera gel fused with a few drops of Lavender essential oil, egg white tightens the pores and helps eliminate blackheads.


Tea Tree Oil for Blackheads

Tea tree oil possesses antiseptic substance and when mixed with Aloe Vera gel, proves to be one of the best home remedies for blackheads.


Tea tree oil combined with witch hazel also cures blackheads.


Tomato for Blackheads

TomatoContaining citric acid vitamin A and Vitamin C in plenty, tomato is a great contender for blackheads. Making a facial by using mashed tomato and avocado left on the face for twenty minutes and washed with tepid water combats blackheads and wrinkles.


Tomato mashed to a pulp and applied on the skin overnight also works magic and removes blackheads and fine lines in no time.


Strawberry for Blackheads

Strawberries for blackheadsHighly alkaline in nature, strawberry leaves when spread on the face helps remove blackheads as the alkaline substances present in the leaves help unclog the pores.


Leaving strawberry pulp overnight on the face and washing the next morning removes the dead skin cells from the surface and promotes a clean and clear skin free of blackheads.


If skin is prone to blackheads, follow these simple procedures and voila…see those blackheads vanish in no time… no more blackheads! Only clear smooth skin!

Look gorgeous and keep Glowing!

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