The Awesome Health Benefits of Noni Juice

For centuries, the Noni fruit and its juice have remained popular for their therapeutic effects. A native of the Polynesian islands, India and Australia, the fruit makes an excellent remedy for curing all ills, in the alternative fields of medicine.

 Noni Juice Benefits

Nutritional Properties of Noni juice

A treasure trove of vital nutritive substances Noni juice holds an array of minerals, vitamins and effective phytonutrients beneficial for health. It contains huge amounts of antioxidant substances like scopoletin, bisdemethyl pinoresinol, isoscopoletin, kaempferol, proxeronine, pinoresinol, vanillin and quercetin, vitamins such as E, C, B12, B6, B5, B3, B2 and B1 and minerals in the form of calcium, potassium, phosphorous, iron and magnesium.


Health Benefits of Noni Juice

Noni juice filled with Mother Nature’s natural antioxidant and phytonutrients compounds offer anti- inflammatory, anti-bacterial, antipsychotic, anti-parasite and antifungal properties, bestowing healing for multitude ailments.


1. Neutralize Free Radicals

The antioxidant compounds in Noni juice have the ability to scavenge and neutralize the harmful impact of free radical elements, thereby preventing oxidative stress and averting cellular and tissue damage.


2. Cardiac Protection

The antioxidant substances, scopoletin, present in Noni juice prevents free radicals destruction and offer exceptional cardiac protection. These assist in maintaining healthy blood cholesterol levels, by balancing the triglycerides in the body, facilitate smooth blood flow in the arteries, encouraging nitric oxide production, which dilates the blood vessels, consequently decreasing stress on the heart and reducing the risk of increased blood pressure readings. Moreover, noni juice has proven benefits on type 2 diabetes as it regulates the blood glucose levels in the body and helps effective insulin secretion.


3. Anti-Cancer Benefits

The antioxidant substances in Noni juice provide incredible anti-cancer benefits. Owing to its chemo-protective compounds, the juice decreases risk of cancers of the rectum, liver and lung. According to several scientific studies, the anti- carcinogenic benefits of Noni juice inhibits the formation and restricts further growth of tumours, shrinking their existing size.


4. Muscle Strength

The anti-spasmodic effects of Noni juice prevent calcium depletion in the body, strengthening the muscles and alleviating pain.


5. Arthritis Care

The anti-inflammatory substances in Noni juice have an analgesic effect that is equivalent to marketed drugs. This factor helps inhibit the COX-2 enzyme, one of the main aspects for causing inflammation and pain in the joints. Nonetheless, the analgesic effect offers protection to the joints, providing immense relief from aches and pains. [Also read: Living with Arthritis]


6. Gout Cure

For ages, Noni juice has been effective for treating symptoms of gout. This is primarily due the fact that the juice restricts the secretion of xanthine oxidase enzymes, which is one of the chief contributors for developing gout and correlated problems.


7. Digestive Health

The phytonutrients in Noni juice benefits in digestive health by delaying the gastric emptying mechanism, wherein food transported from the stomach to the duodenum, results in slowing down the digestion process resulting in gradual absorption of glucose in the bloodstream. In addition, Noni juice has antibacterial compounds such as alizarin, L-aperuloside acubin and scopoletin that restrict the growth of E.coli, responsible for serious bacterial infections in the gut like Helicobacter pylori.


8. Liver Care

Noni fruit juice makes an excellent detox, cleansing the liver of harsh, unwanted toxins, a major factor that cause cellular damage, often resulting in degenerative diseases.


9. Immune Health

Owing to the presence of a specific set of polysaccharides, Noni juice enhances immune health by stimulating the white blood cells, which combats infections. This constituent combined with the ability to stimulate the nitric oxide production resists bacterial invasions and prevents infections.


10. Mental Health  

Noni juice enhances the brain’s neurotransmitters, serotonin and facilitates cerebral blood flow. This aspect improves mood, beats stress, aiding improved concentration, memory with better cognitive thinking and function.


11. Skin care

Noni juice, possessing abundant skin-friendly chemicals called anthraquinones, helps stimulate collagen production, consequently thwarting formation of fine lines and wrinkles. Additionally, the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties in the juice avert skin disorders, keeping hives, burns, skin allergies and acne at bay. Furthermore, the huge quantities of proxeronine substances, combined with essential fatty acids endow anti ageing effects, neutralising abnormal skin cells and restoring a youthful glow and radiance restoring the skin to its previous glory.


Thus, the Noni juice with its potent healing and medicinal qualities have, nonetheless become ‘The Fruit of the Gods’ for many people across the globe, for its acclaimed potential for promoting optimal health and well being.

Note:  This article is for informational purpose only. Consult your doctor before undertaking any of the home remedies mentioned here.

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