New Skin Care Habits For 2016

Skin CareEverybody knows that what you eat can directly affect your skin’s health. Unfortunately, not everybody knows that avoiding bad-skin foods isn’t all there is to proper skin care, especially in an environment like Paramus where all of the exhaust from the traffic caused by Manhattanites heading out here to shop along with a variety of terrible weather conditions (our summers and winters are not exactly mild) can affect the health of our skin in a myriad of ways.

Luckily, according to the experts, there are plenty of things you can do to combat these affects and keep your skin healthy and looking good. Here are some things experts recommend you do in 2016 to care for your skin.

Use Natural Products

We all have blemishes, skin tags, moles and other unwanted issues. Slathering ourselves in chemicals is not necessarily the best way to combat them. Even a dermatologist will often try to find a natural remedy for a problem before resorting to chemical treatments or surgeries. So, before you attack that skin tag with something that might do more harm than good, try a natural skin tag removal product or a facial cleanser you’ve made yourself from natural ingredients. Then, if these options don’t provide any sort of improvements, talk to your dermatologist about taking a more radical approach.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

drink plenty of waterDrinking water is incredibly important to your overall health. You already know this. You know that you’re supposed to drink 6-8 glasses of water a day. Unfortunately, most of us figure that the water we get from our coffees, sodas, juices and foods should be enough to meet this requirement. It isn’t. In fact, relying on sugary or caffeinated beverages for your water intake is the worst thing you can do for your skin, and not just because those beverages are designed to make your body crave them. Try carrying a water bottle with you and take a sip when you feel thirsty. You’ll be surprised by how quickly you can phase out those other drinks when you do this. And, you’ll probably start seeing your skin improve within a few days.

Water outside of the body is just as important as water inside of the body. Regular showers with mild soaps and shampoos are very important for keeping your skin healthy and looking good. In addition to the usual morning shower that you take before work, try to get into the habit of at least rinsing off and putting a small amount of lotion on at the end of the day as well. And, of course, you’ll want to follow a good facial care routine that includes a moisturizer.

Cover Up

The sun is your skin’s worst enemy. Skin cancer is treatable, sure, but it is better to keep it from happening in the first place. Wear sunscreen every day–even on cloudy days and when it is raining or snowing! If you hate the idea of piling a lot of product onto your face, choose a moisturizer or a foundation that has sunscreen in it.

It’s also important to literally cover up with clothing. Clothing stops the sun from hitting your skin in the first place. And, during the winter months can protect your skin against harsh weather conditions that can cause some serious damage. During the summer, you are unlikely to want to layer on the clothing but carrying a parasol (or even an umbrella) is a good way to keep the sun off of your skin.

Exercise Regularly

elliptical machine

Science has proven that regular exercise can help improve skin tone, collagen production and a number of other factors that keep your skin healthy and looking good. That it also keeps your body healthy and can be a good mental health booster are nothing to sneeze at either.

You’ll notice that most of these tips seem pretty basic. This is because, according to the experts, the best way to maintain healthy skin is to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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