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How to get rid of a headache naturally?

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Headache is one of the most common aches or discomfort in the muscular region over and nearby the skull. A distraction to any work, headaches are always needed to be cured as soon as possible otherwise the effects can result into vomiting, nausea etc. Headache can be caused due to several or one reasons such as muscle contraction, migraine, tension, sinus, fever etc. While the reasons of headaches can be multiple, one can use some simple home remedies to cure it in a quick time.  Popping up pill is one of the most common methods that current generation tries to use in order to escape from headaches. These pills have their own side effects and excessive or regular intake can fatally damage the body or its organs like liver. Alternative medicine, however, has come up with several methods which one can adopt right at his home, workplace to evade headache and unrest caused by it.


This article would detail with various medicinal, aromatic, acupressure and acupunctural methods for common headaches. These methods which would not only reduce the effects of headache but also make the sufferer feel better and more relaxed. It is however advised that if one keeps on getting frequent headaches, he should rather consult the doctor. Also, effects might vary due allergic reactions to one or more ingredients listed in the methods mentioned below:


1. Aloof up from the World!!

One of the best and widely used methods to cure headache is to aloof up from the world for an hour or two. All you need to do is switch off your TV, radio, computer and get away from all that stuff which can be a potential cause for a headache. Next, you should dim down the lights and lie down on a comfortable bed. If it is hot outside, you can switch on the cooling system. Close your eyes and take slow and complete breaths. Oxygen intake would directly reach your head and blood flow would be sounder. As there are no distractions around, no extra energy would be wasted. Soon you will be comfortably sleeping and headache would be magically gone.


Instead of taking a nap, one can also meditate by taking deep breaths and applying yoga methods of anulom vilom (process of alternate breathing). This would also increase blood-oxygen levels and one would feel relieved in a short span of time.


2. Eat and Drink Good!!

Dehydration and hunger can also be potential reasons for headache. If one has not eaten anything for more than 3 hours, it is advised that he eats something healthy. Also, drinking water or some drink like juice or de-carbonated energy drinks would be a good option. Food, especially liquids, would give instant energy and headache would be cured in little time. Some homemade drinks that can help to get rid of a headache are:

1. Green tea/lemon tea

2. Cinnamon drinks

3. Apple and Vinegar mixed drinks are a great reliever when taken at ice cool temperatures.

4. Caffeine Drinks: Caffeine rich drinks such as Coffee and tea would ease blood flow, thus reducing the effect of headache.

5. Soda can also be a good option if the patient is prone to gastric problems.


3. Aromatherapy

American essayist Ralph Waldo Emerson once said that, “Earth laughs in flowers.” This quote essentially applies to the technique of aromatherapy where natural aromas are used as a tool to relieve pain, stress etc. Aromatherapy using natural agents of fragrances such as jasmine, rose, sandalwood etc. would kindle back the energy and cure headache.


As per one’s mood and convenience, aromatherapy can be done through aromatic candles, therapy roles, oils, fragrances, potpourri etc.


Lavender oil has been exceptionally known to reduce the effects of headache along with peppermint oil and menthol oil.


4. Acupressure

Acupressure is the old Tibetan technique where application on pressure on certain parts of body directly impacts working of some vital organs. In order to escape from the pounding effect of headaches, one can adopt following acupressure techniques:

1. Applying pressure between the big toe and second toe of the left leg.

2. Applying pressure on the temple region and region between the eyes known as third eye.

3. Pressing both the palms against each other.

4. Applying pressure in the region between the thumb and fore finger.

5. Massaging over the shoulders and the rear part of the neck.


Most the acupressure therapies mentioned above can be done without any help from other person.


5. Acupuncture:

A part of the traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture stimulates various points of the human body. This stimulation relieves the body from muscular pain and is scientifically proven to cure chronic pain. Acupuncture is an effective oriental method to relieve headaches but it should be carried out by an expert as high precision is needed in it.


6. Take Showers and Baths:

Water can be used in several manners to work out the problem of headache miraculously and is known as a perfect head cure. Except for using it in juices or in drinks, one can go for refreshing hot water baths and showers. The effect would be rejuvenating and by the time one is out of the shower, the headache seems to disappear. If you can afford one, Jacuzzi would also be a nice idea to eject out the headache.


7. Apply Icepack:

As a quickie, one can take an ice pack and place it over the head for a brief period of time. Headache would appear to go in a small amount of time. One can also dip a towel in ice cold water, lie down and place it on the head to relax and feel soothed.


8. Biofeedback:

It is a process through which one can perceive working of his various physiological functions and can apply his will to control them. One can either use his own meditation skills to work out through the way of biofeedback or make use of electronic equipments which would enhance his ability of biofeedback application. Most popular biofeedback therapy instruments are Electroencephalogram, electrocardiogram, heart monitor, blood pressure monitor etc.


9. Using Balm and Gels:

Using cayenne pepper based creams have been found useful against high intensity headaches. Also, following Indian Ayurvedic medicinal balms based on menthol and Oil of Gaultheria have been much appreciated by physicians all over. A number of balms use camphor and capsicum extract which when mixed with menthol, grips down headache. These balms can cause a bit irritation but would soon show their effect in calming down the pounding head.


10. Steam Treatment:

Taking up steam is another excellent natural way to get rid of a headache if it is accompanied by cold and/or cough. All one has to do is take some hot water in a container and sit close to it with a towel on his head. The steam is supposed to be inhaled as well as felt over the forehead area. Steam would open up the nostrils which would eventually ease the headache.


11. Taking Powdered Clove:

Crush some clove and take in a thin porous cloth. Lie down and keep the cloth near to your head. Take deep breaths and try to inhale clove’s fragrance. The headache would be relieved due to natural antioxidants of clove which would expand the blood flow in head.


These holistic approaches of alternate medicines have always been useful. However, if the headache does not calm down even after applying these methods, take an aspirin and sleep. Seeking a doctor would be helpful too.

Prevention is better than cure and one can do that easily to avoid headache. Follow simple steps and headache will stay away from you for a significantly longer time.

  • Vitamin and protein rich diet
  • A good schedule with optimum time to sleep and rest.
  • Less work on computer screen and reducing time on television or mobile phones. The bright screens can cause strain to eyes which result in headaches.
  • Reduce excess intake of rich foods like cheese, butter, meat etc.
  • Engage in regular physical activity through sport, gym etc. Yoga and pilates are always a good option.
  • Avoid reading in a moving vehicle or dim light. Unnecessary pressure to eyes would cause headache.
  • De-stress yourself whenever possible. Taking off burden of tension is always good for the body.
  • Keep away from alcohol and other intoxicating things which can ruin the next morning.


The human body is a creation of several years of evolution and is a very complex structure. It is the sole responsibility of ours to maintain the best possible status of our physique and take care of any problems that it comes up. Headache is a very common problem and can have minor to severe impacts in our regular functioning. Following the above listed methods would serve as a good solution in most of the cases but if such problem appears more frequently, seeking a doctor is the best choice.

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