Natural Remedies to Erase Sun-Kissed Tan

Home Remedies for SuntanIndians are naturally blessed with a smooth, glowing sun-kissed bronze skin tone which indeed looks very attractive. Most westerners vie for that kind of a look and spend long hours basking in the glory of the suns warmth. However, while doing so, due to overexposure of the suns harsh rays, suffer from heavy skin tanning and pigmentation on the face, arms and neck, which turns out to be rather embarrassing and awkward.  Nevertheless, in sheer desperation to regain normal skin tone most of them opt for expensive treatment options to achieve overnight results. However, most of these treatments involve chemical based procedures containing carcinogenic properties, offering temporary results causing serious health hazards and other skin related problems like premature ageing and melanoma. In this article, let us look beyond the science, causes and remedies of suntan using simple natural remedies from our own kitchen cupboards.


To have a better understanding of the topic let us first look into the skin matrix and the science behind tanning….


Skin Structure and Tanning

Our skin, the largest organ in our body is the most versatile in charge of preventing damage caused by environmental factors to the other organs, bones and muscles.  Consisting of three layers, the epidermis, dermis and sub cutis, the skin also helps balance body temperatures; production of vitamin D and aids fat accumulation.  The outer layer of the skin known as the epidermis covering the cells called melanocytes, which facilitates production of melanin that acts as a defence mechanism against damaging ultraviolet rays of the sun.  In order to protect skin from the sun they act as a sun block by increasing melanin production. The dermis consisting of the glands, hair follicles, lymphatic and blood vessels come together to prevent drying of the skin from external factors while the sub cutis acts as a sheer defence for the other organs.


The shortest ultra violet rays penetrate the pigment cells lying beneath the epidermis making them to produce more melanin while the longest rays act on the melanin particles existing on the topmost layers of the epidermis changing the hue to dark brown.  However, melanin production depends on tryosinase, an enzyme that is stimulated by exposure to sunlight. Nonetheless, with the peeling away of the pigment cells suntan disappears regaining the lost skin tone.



Lemon Juice for sun-tanned skin:

Lemon Juice for Skin As we all know, Lemon juice loaded with Vitamin C and antioxidants is extremely beneficial for all skin types. Containing natural bleaching agents, lemon juice is excellent for sun-tanned skin.  Using a soft cotton ball, dabbing lemon juice on the affected areas and washing it off after twenty minutes, help remove the dead cells making the skin bright and fresh.  However, it is imperative not to dab the juice on broken skin or lesions.


 Lemon and sugar make great cleansers. Therefore applying lemon juice combined with sugar treats suntanned skin effectively.


 Another home remedy for suntan is to apply a facemask consisting of lemon juice, honey and chamomile tea thrice or four times a week to get rid of suntan.


Milk for sun-tanned skin:

milk for suntan The natural goodness in milk (goat/cow/buffalo) acts as a wonderful remedy for overall skin care. With loads of lactic acid milk apart from removing tan also, helps get rid of acne, dark spots and frecklesMassaging the face each morning using raw milk works well for skin tanning and darkening.


 Applying milk mixed with a pinch of turmeric powder and few drops of lemon juice on the darkened areas and washed off when dry sure provides good results.


 Milk mixed with turmeric also proves effective for suntanned skin.


 Soaking saffron strands overnight in milk and then applying the mixture in the morning works wonders.


 Applying ground nutmeg using milk and cleansing after twenty minutes also works well for suntan and dark patches on the face, arms and legs.


 Applying a paste of powdered Turmeric and sesame oil mixed with lukewarm milk helps remove tan and helps improve complexion. More Home remedies for glowing complexion


 Mix rice flour, milk and rosewater to form a paste. Massaging the face with this paste helps exfoliate the skin removing the dead skin cells from the surface, thus improving the tan.


 Milk cream and turmeric also proves effective for a bright complexion.


 Soaking sunflower seeds overnight in milk and applying the ground paste on the face and allowing it to rest for fifteen minutes also eliminate the dark uneven tone of the skin.


Yogurt/Curd for Sun tan:

Benefits of Yogurt Enriched with zinc and lactic acid Curd/yogurt apart from acting as a superb agent for exfoliation, also works as a cleanser and helps improve complexion by eliminating the dark patches.


 Applying curd on the face and washing after twenty minutes helps eradicate tan thereby lightening the complexion.


 Curd mixed with a pinch of turmeric left overnight on the affected areas of the face and the body helps lighten the dark uneven skin tone.


 Curd with tomato and lime juice also helps tighten skin improving the skin tone imparting a natural glow.


 Brewer’s yeast mixed with curd to a paste and washed after fifteen minutes with tepid water removes the tan and the excessive oiliness.


 Applying barley mixed with curd and turmeric besides exfoliating the skin removing the dead skin cells also provides an even skin tone.


 Exfoliating face with powdered walnut and curd also works well as exfoliation is one of the home remedies for removing skin tan.


Almonds for removing suntan:

Almonds One of the most effective home remedies for reducing suntan, Almonds with high vitamin E provide skin-brightening compounds along with omega3 fatty acids extremely beneficial for skin care.


 Soak a handful of almonds overnight in milk and grind to a paste the next day. Applying this paste on the tanned areas and washing off after besides reducing tan also brightens the complexion making the skin supple and soft.


 Dabbing almond oil with cotton wads before bedtime and rinsing the next morning also proves beneficial for reducing suntan. (Also read almond oil for dark circles)


 Applying an anti tan mask also greatly helps eliminate suntan. For make the mask, combine yogurt with few drops each of honey and limejuice along with almond oil this mask on the areas exposed to sun.  Wash with tepid water after twenty minutes.


 Grind about five numbers of almonds with sandalwood oil to a paste. Apply on the darkened areas and wash after a few minutes.


 Another home remedy to reduce sun tan is to mix one past each of almond and olive oil to four parts of sesame oil. Massage the affected areas with this oil and allow to stay for a few minutes.  Wash with mild soap or with Bengal gram flour.


 Soak almonds overnight and grind peeled almonds the following day using egg white and lemon juice. Apply this creamy paste on the darkened skin and wash with tepid water after twenty minutes. Egg whites contain essential minerals and nutrients vital for skin health.


 Prepare a mask using equal quantities of milk powder, lemon juice, honey and almond oil.  Apply on the face and wash after few minutes.  This mask besides fading out tan also keeps the skin glowing and healthy.


 Another simple remedy is to massage skin using almond oil combined with few saffron strands. Both the ingredients work well for skin and help regain normal skin tone.


 Powdered almond combined with rosewater also helps get rid of tanned skin.


 Prepare natural bleach using powdered almond and black gram. Using this provides improved results.


 Blend powdered almonds with fresh rose petals and cream of milk for improved skin tone and complexion.


 Almond combined with honey also proves extremely beneficial.


 Blend to a paste a mask consisting of almond, poppy seeds, turmeric, milk and neem leaves.  Massage this mixture on the affected regions in circular movements followed by a warm water rinse.


 Massaging paste of almond and lemon juice also helps a great deal.


Honey for Suntanned Skin:

Honey for Skin

 Containing antibacterial properties and other important skin nutrients honey is one of the main ingredients used in skincare products.  A product that comes in handy for most skin related problems, honey makes an excellent anti tan agent considering its skin lightening properties.


 Honey and rose water combined together is beneficial for not only eliminating tan but also to improve dusky complexion.


 The goodness of honey combined with the skin benefiting properties of olive oil helps eradicate suntan.


 A great combo of honey and egg white provide a glowing even skin tone.


 Combining honey with fuller’s earth, egg white and yogurt provide desired results.


 Honey and liquorice also proves effective for skin tan.


 Blending honey with cinnamon powder and lemon juice works wonders.


 Fuller’s earth and honey also helps sun kissed tanned skin.


Gram Flour to Reduce Skin Tanning:

gram flour for suntanning Combining gram flour with curd is one of the well-known remedies for getting rid of stubborn tan.


 Gram flour and rose water left on the skin for twenty minutes and washed with cold water also assist in restoring normal complexion.


 Applying a paste prepared with gram flour, yogurt, honey and lemon juice helps tan reduction. Substituting rose water or olive oil with honey also provides maximum results.


 Substituting soap for gram flour and turmeric mixture restores normal colour reducing uneven skin tone, since it acts as a natural bleaching agent.


 Gram flour and milk make an excellent scrub eliminating dead skin cells from the surface revealing glowing soft skin.


 One of grandma’s time tested remedies gram flour combined with turmeric and sandalwood powder keeps the skin bright removing dullness produced by overexposure to the sun.


 Gram flour cooking vinegar and milk cream also works perfectly well for overexposed dull skin.


 Combining gram flour with liquorice, neem and milk cream/ cucumber makes an excellent remedy for suntan.


Sandalwood for Suntanned Skin:

Sandalwood or Chandan Sandalwood is one of the oldest ingredients used for a number of skin related problems.  Hence, they occupy a prime place in the manufacturing of cosmetic and beauty products.  One of the safest remedies for skin care, mixing sandalwood powder with turmeric and rosewater reduce darkened skin produced by the harsh ultraviolet rays of the sun.


 Applying a paste of sandalwood powder with almond and coconut oil, washed off after a few minutes also removes tan.


 A mixture of sandalwood powder and milk also helps brighten skin colour.


 Rose water and sandalwood powder also make a great combination as a home remedy for suntan.


⇒ Sandalwood powder blended with sandalwood oil also creates magic for lightening skin.


 Sandalwood oil, turmeric powder and milk also make a wonderful combo for combating tan.


 Sandalwood and almonds along with milk work well for overall skin care especially for relieving tan.


 Red Sandalwood powder, honey, turmeric and yogurt help fight tan due to the brightening compounds present in these ingredients.


 Combine sandalwood powder with egg white, gram flour, tomato pulp and glycerine to a creamy consistency.  Apply all over the tanned areas for visible difference in skin colour.


 Fuller’s earth and sandalwood powder also work magic for improving the colour of skin, reducing tan.


 Combine turmeric, groundnuts and sandalwood oil to exfoliate skin and relieve suntan.


Aloe Vera for Skin Tanning:

Aloe Vera gel is helps offers nourishment and acts as a skin cleanser removing dryness and other skin blemishes. Applying Aloe Vera gel overnight on the tanned and washing with lemon juice the following morning helps relieve skin discolouration.  However, it is best to avoid sunlight with Aloe Vera gel on the face as they have a tendency to darken skin when exposed to sunlight.


Potatoes for Improving Suntanned Skin:

Potatoes The most lovable potatoes act as excellent natural bleach removing dark spots, under eye circles, spots, pigmentation, suntan and blemishes. Due to specific skin, lightening properties present in potatoes they help eliminate suntan very easily.


 Rubbing raw skinless potatoes on skin helps combat suntan.


 Applying grated potatoes mixed with lemon juice on the exposed areas of the skin and washing after half an hour also helps reduce suntan.


 Grated potatoes and honey also helps reduce suntan.



 Before going out in the sun use a sunscreen with SPF 30.


 Avoid going out in the sun during midday.


 Carry umbrella, wear hats, UV blocking sunglasses to avoid the harsh rays of the sun.


 Drink eight to ten glasses of water to keep skin hydrated and moisturised.


Following these simple remedies are easy but remember it takes time patience and determination to achieve fantastic results. So get going have fun in the sun!

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