Natural Remedies to Overcome Rosacea


RosaceaInky-pinky cheeks look cute and adorable on a toddler’s face, while the same may indicate shyness and embarrassment in a teenager. However, the same may not be significant if these signs appear on an adult woman’s face aged between forty and sixty. A constant ‘blush on the face’, nevertheless, may indicate some serious problem such as Rosacea, a skin disease. To have a better understanding of this skin inflammatory disease, let us flip through a few of Rosacea facts to find what Rosacea is and then have a look to some of the most effective natural remedies to alleviate the symptoms.


Overview: What is Rosacea

RosaceaA chronic inflammatory skin disorder Rosacea mainly affects the butterfly region of the face, which includes the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. During the initial stages, it looks very much like sunburns with extreme redness on the skin appearing and disappearing now and then.


Erythematotelangiectatic rosacea

This type of Rosacea develops with progression of this disorder. The face derives an inflamed look with the blood vessels looking very prominent.


Papulopustular Rosacea

In certain cases, however, there is a tendency for an outbreak of pus filled tiny pimples and lump-like swellings, which further aggravate the inflammatory reddish skin tone and appearance. This kind of inflammation is referred to as the papulopustular rosacea.


Rhinophyma/ Phymatous Rosacea

Some people afflicted by Rosacea developing thickening of the skin in addition to nodular nose bulging, a condition known as phymatous rosacea or Rhinophyma


Ocular rosacea

In a majority of the people diagnosed with Rosacea there may be symptoms of eye irritation, redness, swelling and dryness, which are symptoms of Ocular rosacea or Blepharitis.


DissimilaritiesRosacea and Acne

Although most people confuse Rosacea with acne and vice versa, there are dissimilarities between the two with varying symptoms.

  • Unlike acne, Rosacea does not cause eruptions of blackhead and whiteheads.
  • Acne outbreaks occur during the younger age wherein Rosacea is a condition, common among women above thirty years of age.
  • Acute Rosacea causes eye irritation while acne affects the skin.


Causes of Rosacea

Although the exact cause for Rosacea is not evident, Researchers opine that the occurrence may be due to a number of environmental, lifestyle or hereditary factors.  However, according to surveys the following are some of the main reasons for Rosacea symptoms…

  • Extreme climates and temperatures
  • Exposure to UV rays of the sun
  • spa sauna bath
  • Specific kind of saloon Facials
  • Alcohol based cosmetics
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Steamy beverages/food
  • Hot spicy food
  • Tension and stress
  • Emotional disturbances
  • Immune Disorders
  • Corticosteroids
  • Certain hypertensive medicines
  • Vigorous exercises


Natural Home Remedies for Rosacea

Although there is no permanent cure for Rosacea, the problem may be controlled following certain lifestyle changes, diet support and suitable skin care routine.


Tea Tree Oil for Rosacea

With potent anti inflammatory, antiviral and antifungal substances, Tree tea oil makes an excellent remedy for treating Rosacea by soothing irritated and reddened skin. Gently dabbing tree tea oil with soft cotton pads on the affected areas, often prove beneficial. However, in case of irritation or itchiness, mixing it with fifty-percentage water might reduce the symptoms. Nonetheless, despite failing to produce immediate results, this treatment soothes and relieves skin irritation. Since the oil may be allergic to some people, a skin patch is highly recommended.


Lavender for Rosacea

lavender flowerLavender, which belongs to the family of mint, is known as Lavandula in botanical terms.  An effective remedy for most skin problems, Lavender containing anti-inflammatory properties alleviates inflammation with contraction and narrowing of the facial blood vessels. However, Geraniol, a substance found in Lavender has a tendency to cause allergy therefore, before attempting this remedy it is vital to do a skin patch check.


Chamomile for Rosacea

Chamomile herb with inflammatory properties comprises of flavonoids and terpenoids providing immense relief from Rosacea problems. Using the herb as a cold or hot compress and replacing cream based synthetic formulas demonstrate effectiveness.


Licorice for Rosacea

Licorice known in botanical terms as Glycyrrhiza glabra is extremely beneficial for Rosacea treatment. Consisting of anti-inflammatory properties, Licorice in the form of gel or cream base applied on the reddened area, works excellently well.


Grape Seed Extract for Rosacea

The Extract of Grape seed in combination with Vitamin C helps combat Rosacea.  Both contain anti-inflammatory properties, particularly with Grape seed containing vital compounds such as flavonoids, Linloeic acid and Vitamin E, that facilitates reduction of the inflamed sores and puffiness on the skin by narrowing the blood vessels.


Oatmeal for Rosacea

Oatmeal with antioxidant substances protects the skin and acts as an excellent exfoliater, preventing skin inflammation that occurs in the case of Rosacea.


Green Tea for Rosacea

With elevated anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds, the polyphenols in Green Tea contain epigallocatechin-3-gallate, a unique substance that prevents and protects skin from sunlight induced Rosacea.


Apple Cider Vinegar for Rosacea

Apple Cider vinegar helps balance the skin pH factor.  Therefore, consuming Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with water does a whole lot of good for treating Rosacea.


Apple Cider Vinegar

Jojoba oil for Rosacea

Repeated application of jojoba natural oils consisting of natural anti-inflammatory substance helps alleviate soreness, sensitivity and irritation of skin besides narrowing the facial blood vessels. Read more benefits of jojoba oil for skin


Skin Care Tips for Rosacea


Facials have a tremendous influence over the sensitive swollen areas of Rosacea.  However, many of the most sought-after facials like Biore strips, mud/clay masks, dermabrasion and chemical peels done at salons for enhancing skin softness do not go very well with Rosacea treatment plans and do more harm than good.



The art of clever, subtle makeup tricks do wonders for Rosacea skin hiding the flaws and enhancing skin tone. It is very important to choose products after doing the initial patch/skin examination in order to look for any kind of allergic reactions. Use minimal cosmetics and handle skin gently by avoiding cosmetics with fragrance containing harsh chemicals and alcohol that tend to irritate the skin and worsen Rosacea.



Use products that go with skin type preferably non-soapy extra gentle cleanser with a neutral pH balance for Rosacea affected skin. Avoid using anything rough; instead use fingers for gentle cleansing of skin. Since damp skin leaves the stinging, it is advisable to wait for ten minutes before going ahead moisturiser.



For people suffering from Rosacea, with associated symptoms of skin irritation and inflammation regular moisturising keeps skin protected from dirt and grime in the environment. Specially manufactured translucent green coloured Rosacea skin moisturisers available in the market come off well to combat inflammation and the reddish tint on the face.



Exposure to sunlight is one of the major factors triggering Rosacea. Hence using a sunscreen to protect skin from the harsh UV rays of the sun is necessary. Chemical-free sunscreens with constituents like titanium dioxide in addition to offering a sun protection factor of fifteen or above will help reduce skin irritation, itching and inflammation. Wear a wide brimmed hat while venturing out in the sun to protect face from the harsh rays of the sun.


Make Up Tips for Rosacea

After cleansing and moisturising the skin, it is essential to use efficient make up tips to hide Rosacea skin flaws exposing a radiant skin.  Instead of using fingers or sponge, using anti bacterial brushes may prevent skin itching and soreness.  For effective results, use a makeup base with a green tone along with an oil-free foundation and concealer in a lighter shade matching the skin tone.  Lipsticks in a light shade matching lip colour will look perfect as dark shades bring out the reddish tint on the skin. Mineral-based cosmetics sans irritants and side effects help Rosacea prone skin concealing blemishes.



Food Choices for Rosacea

Some foods are likely to aggravate the condition while some others prove extremely beneficial. Primarily it is better to identify foods that trigger this condition. Opt for an appropriate diet consisting of fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains seeds and nuts. Go in for foods such as cherries and berries that do not dilate the blood vessels on the face by increasing circulation. Consider taking diet, laden with omega3 fatty acids, B Vitamins, A and dairy products.  Last but not the least, keep body replenished by drinking ten to twelve glasses of water every day.

 Fruits and Vegetables

Stress Busters

Stress factors are another major cause for aggravating Rosacea.  Deep breathing exercises, meditation and yoga reduce stress levels alleviating the symptoms. Another option will be the age-old remedy of counting numbers up to ten taking in deep breaths.  Better still envisage a picturesque place with eyes closed for a few minutes to beat stress.  All these simple methods help alleviate the debilitating symptoms of Rosacea.

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