“Natural Home Remedies for Cracked Heels”

cracked heels

Home Remedies for Cracked Heels

Having cracked heels can be quite embarrassing and just trying to cover it up with socks and shoes is in vain. Sometimes the cracked heels if left untreated can cause pain in the heels and can bleed too! The situation of cracked heels further worsens up during winters as there is a lack of moisture in the atmosphere. One can develop cracked heels due to various factors which includes dryness, obesity, ageing, negligence towards heels, poor blood circulation, diabetes, various skin disorders etc. But then there are various natural remedies that can come to rescue and heal up the cracked heels.


Natural Home Remedies to Cure Cracked Heels
  • Hydrogenated oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, sesame oil, mustard oil can be applied to heal up the cracked heels. Just clean up your feet every night and apply either of the oils in your cracks and cover it up with socks for a softer, smoother foot.
  • Paraffin wax is a proven method to moisture up the cracked heels and yields softer heels. Even dermatologist prescribes its treatment for dry and cracked heels. Use a tsp of melted paraffin wax and mix it with either coconut or mustard oil of equal proportion. Apply it on the heel fissures and leave it overnight. Rinse off in the morning with warm water. Continue this process daily for at least two weeks for crack free heels.
  • Indian lilac or neem is considered to be very effective in treating up the cracked heels. Make a fine paste of neem leaves and mix three tsp of turmeric powder (to get rid of infection/athlete foot) and apply it on the affected areas of the heels. Wait for half an hour and wash off. Repeat this process every week.
  • Lemon due to its acidic nature can soften the hard rough skin around heels. Either apply the juice directly or mix it with warm water and soak your feet for 10-15 minutes. Scrub off with a loofah or soft foot brush to brush off the dead skin that causes cracks on the heels. Repeat this treatment every fortnight for softer heels.
  • Alternatively use can also use mashed banana (Ripe) and apply its paste over the cracked areas of the heels. Leave the mixture to dry up for 10-15 minutes and then rinse off with lukewarm water. Follow this procedure every week.
  • Glycerin mixed with rosewater works at its best to reduce the callus rough heels with cracks.  Glycerin helps to locks the water in the skin and covers up the microscopic gaps and cracks on the heels. Rose water further builds up the necessary vitamins and provides antiseptic properties to the skin. Mix equal portion of both glycerin and rosewater and massage thoroughly on the heels for sometime every night before sleep. Lanolin too can be used to moisturize the cracked feet.


Also drink plenty of water especially during winters to keep skin hydrated and also include foods that are high in Vitamin E, Calcium, Iron, Omega 3 fatty acids and zinc that can naturally provide sufficient moisture to heal up the heels.

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