Natural Foods for Healthy Nails

Healthy NailsIt is said that nails reveals a lot about your health. Nail colors and its textures say a lot about our body’s internal health. Signs of anemia, liver diseases, heart problems, under nourishment to the body can easily be detected through nails.  Discoloration, white patches, nail pitting, brittleness to the nails are the first mirrors to major health problems.  Disease or no disease, the natural foods should always be consumed for a healthy body and a healthy glowing skin and of course for healthy nails too!


Foods for Healthy Nails:
  • Calcium and magnesium: For those bitten nails or the chipped cracked nails, inclusion of minerals such as calcium and magnesium really helps. Apples, Asparagus, onions, Cucumbers, Grapes are some of the foods that can give sufficient amount of minerals to the body. The lack of these nutrients can lead to a nail biting condition.
  • Protein: Our hair and nails are built according to the amount of protein in the body. In order to give a good strong texture to the nail, include protein such as fish, eggs, nuts, soya, legumes, beans, dairy products, liver, brewers yeast, yogurt in your food intake. Foods high in amino acid aslo helps in building sufficient nutrients to the dead tissues and which includes red pepper, pork, broccoli, wheat germ etc.
  • Biotin: In order to build sufficient keratin (Responsible for hair and nail strength) Vitamin like Biotin is highly essential to the body. It not only strengthens the nail tissues but also prevents from the chips and cracks to the nails. Foods that are rich in Biotin are: Tomatoes, whole grains, goat milk, almonds, peanut cauliflower, egg yolks and cabbage, carrots, peanut butter.
  • Iron & Zinc: Iron and Zinc responsible for the nail growth. To overcome Iron deficiency, include dates, raisins, liver and dark leafy vegetables in your diet. For Zinc supplements to the body consume sea food, shellfish, liver, pumpkin seeds, milk, hard boiled eggs.
  • Vitamin C: To avoid hang nails, consume foods that are rich in Vitamin C and they include mangoes, kiwi,. oranges, watermelons, berries.
  • Fatty acids such as Garlic, Nuts, salmon walnuts and flaxseeds can improve the color of nails and promote its growth.
  • Food that is rich in sulfur and silicon can also be included to promote healthy nails and such foods are: broccoli, fish, brussels sprouts, pumpkin and onions.


It is believed that there is a strong connection between the liver and nail. So in order to keep your nail healthy, keep a check on your liver, avoid sugar, high starchy foods, alcohol and instead drink plenty of fruit juices made up of beetroot, apple, cucumber & carrot.  Also drink at least 10-12 glasses of water to remove all the toxic from your body and keep your nail and hair healthy.

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