Mystical Lavender Oil for Gorgeous Skin


Lavender Oil for SkinLavender Oil cherished for its exquisitely enchanting purplish-blue flowers with its divine aroma extracted mainly from a particular variety of lavender known as Lavandula angustifolia otherwise called English Lavender, by undergoing a steam distillation process.  From being a healthy resource for combating stress, promoting sleep, aromatherapy oil to being an antidote for other skin disorders, wounds and burns Lavender Oil offers a wide spectrum of therapeutic uses.  A natural body detox, sedative, antidepressant, antiseptic and antibiotic Lavender Oil stimulates cell regeneration protects scarring and helps healing.  A potent remedy for emotional and physical ailments, this article shall ponder on the mystical benefits of lavender oil related to skin care.


‘Lavender’ derives its name from the Latin ‘lavare’ that signifies ‘to bathe/ wash.’  Lavender Oil though extracted from different kinds of plants the most prized kind is however, the variety distilled from the English or Garden Lavender belonging to the Labiatae family known in Botanical terms as Lavandula angustifolia.


Indigenous to Southern France in the Mediterranean region, the Lavandula augustafolia, a woody evergreen shrub, grows to a height of three feet with long linear shaped greenish leaves and lovely foliage.


Skin Care Benefits of Lavender Oil

lavender flowersLavender Oil is a natural phenomenon when it comes to skin care.  Its antiseptic and antifungal properties prevent various skin disorders accelerating healing.



Owing to its antiseptic properties, Lavender Oil is a wonderful remedy for treating acne prone skin. Besides destroying the acne causing bacteria Lavender Oil, containing anti-inflammatory substances reduce inflammation and swelling and protect skin from further acne breakouts.  However, Lavender Oil diluted by mixing olive oil or blended with cream and lotions prove effective.


Yeast Infection

Lavender Oil contains antifungal properties that help treat yeast infection especially on the vagina by destroying the Candida albicans and protecting from infection.


Fungal infections

The antifungal properties present in Lavender Oil prevent ringworm, athlete’s foot and the fungus that occurs between the toes. Soaking feet for fifteen minutes in a tub of water combined with few drops of Lavender Oil provides relief from itching.



The anti-inflammatory and cicatrisant substances found in Lavender Oil helps accelerate healing of burns and the cytophylactic compounds protects the skin from scarring.  Incidentally the first discovery of Lavender Oils regenerative elements was made by Dr. Rene Maurice Gattefosse, a chemist from France mentions in his book Aromatherapy about how he had accidently burnt his hands in a laboratory in the year 1910.  He was healed when he immersed his hand in a container filled with Lavender Oil.


Cell Regeneration

Since Lavender Oil facilitates enhanced circulatory system it brings extra nutrients and oxygen to the skin cells by improving blood circulation. This is extremely important to produce healthier new cells imparting a much-desired glowing flawless skin.



Lavender Oils ability to enhance circulatory health provides an amazing anti-aging effect, Combined with a moisturizer Lavender Oil can be used all over the body.



Lavender Oil soothes skin irritation preventing dryness and retaining moisture in the areas produced by Eczema thus, accelerating healing and preventing further outbreaks. Topical application of a few drops of Lavender Oil combined with sesame, chamomile or coconut oil helps combat dermatitis and eczema relieving the abscess and blisters.


Insect Bite

A drop of Lavender Oil may stop itching and swelling caused by insect bite.



The anti-inflammatory compounds in Lavender Oil benefits to heal sunburns preventing scarring. Massaging the affected area with a few drops of Lavender Oil mixed with a teaspoon of Aloe Vera produce incredible results decreasing pain.


Skin Treatments using Lavender Oil


Apply Lavender Oil on the affected areas after cleansing face for acne prone skin.



To combat burns add ten drops of Lavender Oil to one and a cups of water. Spray on the affected areas after transferring the contents on to a bottle with nozzle.


Dry skin

Adding a few drops of Lavender Oil to bathing water alleviates dry skin balancing the skin oils.


Dry hands/Tired feet

Add a few drops of Lavender Oil to a tub of water and soak hands/feet for ten minutes followed by a moisturizer containing lavender.


Chapped lips

Add a few drops of Lavender Oil and coconut oil and rub on chapped lips for instant relief.



Due to its antifungal properties, massaging a few drops of Lavender Oil on the scalp soothes irritation and relieves dryness eliminating Dandruff, since the oil has the ability to balance the pH factors of the skin. (More Home Remedies for Dandruff)

Natural Skin Care Recipes using Lavender Oil

Moisturizer for Oily Skin

Glowing SkinCombine three drops each of lavender and lemon oil in a jar. To this cream include half cup distilled water and three teaspoons of glycerin.  Blend the contents well and store in the refrigerator.  This cream is ideal for use on face and throughout the body.


Moisturizer for Normal Skin

Using a double boiler soften five grams of beeswax with two tablespoons of almond oil.  In the meantime, in another double boiler warm water.  Gradually include one and a half tablespoons water or rose water in droplets to the wax mixture whipping up constantly.  Remove the pan from heat and add a preservative of one-teaspoon wheat germ oil along with four drops of lavender. Transfer the contents to a sterilized jar and refrigerate when cool to retain its purity.


Rosacea Remedy

Blend one tablespoon each of Lavender Oil and honey to three tablespoons of yogurt.  To the mixture, add two drops each chamomile essential oil and rose essential oil.  Blend these ingredients well to a creamy consistency and apply on cleansed skin.  Wash with warm water after fifteen minutes. Finally complete by spraying some lavender toner followed by a moisturizer. (More Home Remedies for Rosacea)


Acne Treatment

Combine twelve drops of Lavender Oil with seven drops of tea tree oil, thirty millilitre of jojoba oil and a drop of geranium oil.  Blend the ingredients well and apply on the areas affected with acne. Spread over the face, back and neck avoiding the inside of the ears, the nose and eyes. Wash after ten minutes. Like most acne remedies, this takes a longer timer to take effect. However, for people with allergies it is advisable to do a skin examination before attempting this treatment.


Softening Cream

Blend three drops of Lavender Oil along with two tablespoons of olive oil and one tablespoon of granulated sugar. Rub the cream into the skin and wipe the additional cream with a soft cloth.


Skin Astringent

Arrange two bags of Green Tea with a teaspoon of Rosemary in a colander and pour 475 milliliters of hot boiling water lay it on a glass jar. Allow it to remain until cool. Once cold, include lemon juice from half lime, five drops of Lavender Oil and half cup of witch hazel. Store this mixture in the refrigerator and shake well before use, as the ingredients tend to disintegrate.


Sun Burns

Blend four drops of Lavender Oil, one-teaspoon Aloe Vera gel along with a drop of chamomile essential oil.  Combine well and apply on the sunburned areas.



It is advisable for Diabetics, nursing, pregnant women and people with sensitive skin to stay away from Lavender Oil. In rare cases, some individuals may suffer from headaches, queasiness and unsettled stomach. Discontinue usage of oil with the initial symptoms of allergy if any.

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