Mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle

Probably one of the most intriguing of the mysteries which has prevailed for many centuries, the “Bermuda Triangle” has been accused of the disappearance of many ships and planes that has taken place in and around the western part of the Atlantic Ocean. In spite of the larger than usual disappearance rate occurring at the Bermuda Triangle, it is not officially considered as a geographic zone and not found officially on any map. It encompasses an area of 500,000 square miles of open sea forming a triangle with apexes at Miami, Puerto Rico and Bermuda. It had been named after Bermuda since it is mythically known as the “Isle of the Devils”.

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The Bermuda Triangle has been called several names, like the “Devil’s Triangle”, “The Graveyard of the Atlantic”, “The Sea of Doom” and many more. Perfectly functioning ships and planes in fair weather have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle without any trace or warning to nearby radio control towers. The wreckages and bodies of the crew have never been found. Even if wreckages were found, they could never be linked to any disappeared ship or plane since it was damaged beyond recognition. This diabolical region has claimed more than 700 boats and 120 planes in a phase of 35 years. So, the curiosity to know the reason behind these occurrences has brought humans to study the areas geography and history and establish a solid theory supported with the help of science and within reasonable logic. Scientific explanations include the formation of “electronic fogs”, formation of “rogue waves”, and Deep trenches caused during the ice age (Many unorthodox and “extra-terrestrial” linkages have been recited by many people, this is also arguable since there is proof and witness accounts linking UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) and more famously “USOs” (Unidentified Submerged Objects), to the “Bermuda Triangle”. Some popular folk tales include stories of sea monsters and pirates too!

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So, do we not stand a chance against the “Devil’s Triangle”? How much do we know about the “Bermuda Triangle”? Are there any people who have survived going through the “Sea of Doom”? Read further to find out.


Rogue Waves and Deep Trench Formations

One of the theories that could help explain the strange disappearances of ships in this region are the “Rogue Waves” theory developed by Professor Hans Graber of the University of Miami, Miami, Florida, USA. During the ice age heavy ice depositions at this area caused extreme deep trench formation just off the coast of Bermuda. This allowed the complex wave dynamics to form in the area.


Rogue waves form when hundreds of small waves “superimpose” to form a giant wave that appears to arise out of nowhere and last only for a limited time. Professor Graber believes that the disappearances of the ships in the triangle are because of these rogue waves. It coincides with the facts since it would strike unexpectedly even in fair weather conditions.


Bermuda Triangle Victim:

THE USS Cyclops:

THE USS Cyclops

USS Cyclops in Hudson River (Image: Wikipedia)

The USS Cyclops is a 542 feet long military vessel. It was carrying 300 sailors and crew on board from Brazil to Baltimore in 1918. It was last spotted at the island of Barbados in perfect condition. Within hours, it stopped sending transmission to the US Naval Base. It had disappeared without a trace; not even a distress call. No wreckage or bodies were ever found till date! Another victim succumbed to the Bermuda Triangle.


Electronic Fog:

On December 4th 1970, a man named Bruce Gernon piloted a casual flight on a simple Cessna single propeller plane with a passenger headed to Miami, through the Bermuda triangle. The journey was supposed to take approximately an hour. But just outside the region of the Bermuda Triangle, they saw a storm circle up around them. The pilot saw an opening in the clouds and went for it, as he thought it would lead him out of the storm into clear weather. But when he entered the clouds the two compasses in the flight went wild and were rotating rapidly. It is a rare occasion for both the compasses to stop functioning (one magnetic and the other gyroscopic). After leaving the portal (some sort of a wormhole) in the cloud the plane wound up over Miami Beach in half the time in which he was supposed to reach there. A journey which was supposed to take place in an hour was completed in half an hour! He claims to have survived the Bermuda Triangle as well as to have travelled through time. Is it a fact or fiction? Well, no one knows as yet, but certain physicists have been working on a theory to explain the occurrence.


A physicist named David Pares has claimed this to be the work of what he calls, an “Electronic Fog”. It is a cloud of electromagnetic energy that is caused when a storm build up is followed by the interference of a solar storm from the sun. This energy could disrupt the navigational equipment. Since compasses work on basic principles of magnetism (magnetic compass) and mechanics (gyroscopic compass), it is less likely that they fail like other electronic equipment. But the electromagnetic waves, if of a high enough frequency, can disorient the compasses. NASA also has proof that the high energy radiations from the solar storm can sometimes pass through the Earth’s Magnetic field (which is there to protect the earth from such radiations). Flying in a storm over the endless sea without navigational equipment would be like driving a car blind folded in a desert.


“Flight 19”: The Navy Avengers


Flight-19: five Avengers (Image source: Wikipedia)

Details: In 1945, five Navy Avenger (Bomber Squadron) Planes, with well trained pilots, set out on a routine test flight from the Fort Lauderdale Base in USA headed towards the Grand Bahamas Island on a perfectly sunny day. An hour later, these planes had a malfunction of the compasses and went disastrously off course before losing contact with radio control. The 5 planes and 14 crew members were never seen or heard off ever again. Amazingly a rescue plane that was sent out to hunt for the Navy Avengers was also lost over the Atlantic Ocean. Probably, these planes had encountered an electronic fog.

The “Paranormal” Side to the Devil’s Triangle

Sea Monsters, Pirates and Aliens no mythical creature has been missed out as having it’s hideout at the “Bermuda Triangle”. There have been numerous reports of UFO sightings in and around the western Atlantic Ocean near the triangle. It is believed that a secret organization equivalent to the “Area 51” in Nevada, called the AUTEC (Atlantic Underwater Testing and Evaluation Centre) functions near the Andros Island in a close proximity to the Bermuda Triangle. It is speculated that they carry out operations to research USOs (Unidentified Submerged Objects), a bookish term for “Underwater Aliens”.  There are certain recordings of pilots mentioning “weird objects” obstructing their paths just before losing radio contact with the control towers. When further investigation was done, they found other round objects surrounding the missing plane was observed. Many tales from the past have pointed out to sailors observing strange lights near this area.


When it comes to the “Devil’s Triangle”, absolutely nothing can be ruled out. The thing that bothers us the most is the fact that we are technologically sound enough to know about the far distances of the universe but completely clueless about a killer in our own backyard. Sufficient research and interest is not shown on learning about the triangle. Research is not even funded or supported by the US government focusing on the triangle. Is the government trying to hide something from the citizens? Whatever the reason is, and whenever we find out and until we find out the reality, we will have that crazy moment of crazy ideas running through our heads wondering “what if we were to go to there and find out for ourselves, what will happen to us?”


“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”  – Walt Disney.

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