Must READ! This household plant can end a child’s life in an instant!

Plants are not just only for the garden, it can also be used to decorate inside your house or even your workplace.. It makes the house more homey than ever and the workplace welcoming.

It is best advised to uproot the decorative plant for safety measures.

This certain plant can cause death in an instant. For the adults, it can only be 15 minutes and imagine if kids were affected it will be less than the said time.

Always be accountable to your kids to ensure they are well guided..

The plant is called ‘Dieffenbachia’ or also known as Dumb Cane it has straight stem,simple, and large alternate leaves with white spots and flecks that makes it attractive but each of its parts squeezes toxic that contains calcium oxalate.

There is a case about the little girl. Her mom practically lost her because she put some piece of leaf into her mouth.

So, her tongue started to swell and had a hard time breathing. It is poisonous and can also cause your house to be burned down.

There will be a possibility that you can’t be able to talk hence the name Dumb Cane.

So, if by chance you are exposed with this certain plant don’t touch your eyes for it can cause you loosing your vision. Consult medical attention immediately.

Always be aware that not everything pleasing to the eyes can be good. Some can cause you harm and your loved ones. A little research wouldn’t hurt but it will surely ensure your safety.

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