Medicinal benefits of guava and guava leaves that people often ignore!

Guava is widely known most especially in Asia where it has been considered as a mouth-watering treat. On the other hand, guava is not only consumed as a snack but it can be also used in some medicinal purposes. The good news is that even its plant contains health benefits.

Health Benefits of the Guava Fruit

Guava fruit contains vitamins and minerals and most especially it is packed with Vitamin C. Oranges has been considered as the richest in Vitamin C content because it is a citrus fruit.

But little did we know that a single piece of guava fruit can provide four times the total Vitamin C content that can be found in an average size orange. As a matter of fact, guava is rich in Vitamin A that when it is actually compared with Vitamin A rich lemons, it has 10 times more than the acidic counterpart.

The fruit of guava is consisting of Vitamins B2, K and E which helps in promoting a good health. It also contains fiber and folate and other minerals which include manganese, phosphorus, iron, copper, calcium and even potassium.

Because of these vitamins and nutrients, you can guarantee that guava fruit is absolutely a healthy fruit to eat.

Additionally, dissimilar from the other fruits and vegetables out there, guava fruit doesn’t need a lot of chemical treatments. This is the reason on why guava has been among of the least sprayed fruits today.

Guava Leaves Benefits

The fruit is not the only thing that is extremely health in the plant of guava. You should not take for granted the leaves that guava plant has because it can be used in order to create a tea. As a matter of fact, this practice has become part of the traditional medicine, particularly in South America and Mexico. Guava leaves has been known as a natural remedy for intestinal distress.

It is loaded with phytochemicals which include a huge number of antioxidants which includes anthocyanin, flavonoids and carotenoids. Some of the compounds that can be found in the leaves of guava can also promote the natural antibiotic activities which are truly effective in killing the pathogens that leads to diarrhea.

It is also proven that the leaves of guava are beneficial to the heart as well as the circulatory system. There are some clinical trials that have been revealed on how the compounds that can be seen in the leaves can actually eliminate high blood pressure and also to normalize the heart rate in patients who has heart arrhythmia.

Guava leaf extracts has the ability to lower the blood cholesterol and also triglycerides that are said to be unhealthy.

Consuming guava fruit and using its leaves are beneficial for diabetic patients due to its ability to lower blood sugar most especially after eating a meal which contains high carbohydrates. With these health benefits, it is no doubt that guava has been considered as a super food.

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