LADIES take note of these 10 common mistakes you do while making love! #4 is a total Turn-Off!

They say that performance in bed matters very much.

Satisfaction is never enough, especially if you’re in a long-term relationship. You don’t want your partner to get tired of you so you find better ways to keep him happy in bed.

As Christian Grey of the famous novel Fifty Shades Of Grey put it,
“We aim to please.”

The mistakes done by women in bed are often ignored but it is important to recognize that sometimes, women disappoint their partners while having intercourse.

If he loves you, well, you’re lucky, because sex is not the only thing that keeps your relationship going.
Nevertheless, it wouldn’t hurt to give your best in bed, right?
For you to successfully do that, a woman must know what wrongs to right.

Here are some of the common mistakes you should be aware of:

1. Not getting a bikini wax.
Men usually dislike ‘grassy’ private areas because it keeps them from doing what they intend to do.

2. Making love in the dark.
Darkness doesn’t usually turn most men on because they prefer seeing your sexy body right before their eyes while doing it.

3. Leaving the birth control up to him.
Not all guys are happy when you depend on them for resources. Be sensitive.

4. Assuming love.
Unless they say it or it’s obvious, it’s best to not expect anything from men.

5. Not shaving your legs.
Don’t wait for them to say it to your face. Do your own cleaning and keep it that way.

6. Lying there like a lifeless flounder.
Don’t be a spectator waiting for your partner to put in all the effort. Surprise him with the performer inside of you!

7. Using Cosmo as a love-making bible.
They don’t get it right all the time. It’s up to you to study your partner and find his fancy.

8. Expecting him to cuddle.
After a rough night, don’t expect him to still have the energy to cuddle. Not all guys are gifted with extra strength.

9. Making him responsible for your orgasm.
Let him know if it’s time to come or what he need to do so. Men aren’t mind readers.

10. It is not that easy.
Be aware of the needs of one another. It will work if you give and take.

We hope these will prevent you from having a boring relationship, ladies!
Turn your dull moments into intimate ones.

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