Kill all intestinal parasites with this natural yet effective home remedies! Must read

Kill all intestinal parasites with this natural yet effective home remedies! Must read

Parasites creep around deeply inside the human body that may be hidden from your sight but their effect can be dangerous and serious.

There are numerous ways through which these parasites can enter the body, which includes contaminated food, especially pork, shellfish, scavenger fish, and even water.

Some of them can be transmitted through the bite of a mosquito or flea, others can be transmitted through contact or they can be passed through the nose and mouth after a contaminated surface has been touched.

Even though anyone can get these parasites, having a low immunity, poor diet, as well as poor hygiene can all increase the risk of infection.

Extending in size from tiny microorganisms to ten-foot-long segmented worms, intestinal parasites can lead to the inflammation of the brain, muscles, esophagus and even the skin, and they are connected with leaky gut syndrome, annoying bowel syndrome, gastritis, acid reflux, joint pain, seasonal and food allergies, as well as a host of other health issues.

People can effortlessly get parasite everywhere, especially at home.  That is why it is more effective and more convenient to choose home remedies in order to get rid of these parasites:

Papaya seeds

You have to take several numbers of seeds, then put them in a blender and add a little amount of water in order to liquefy it, also add a few pieces of papaya and blend it thoroughly until it creates a liquid mixture. It may taste a little bitter so you can add a small amount of honey. Consume this every night before going to sleep for at least a week.

Castor oil and milk

A glass of warm milk that is combined with two tablespoon of castor oil should be consume every night before going to sleep for at least one week. It is very potent; it will take effect in the second day and for rest of the week. It assists in cleansing your intestines, eliminating all dead parasites, as well as their eggs that stayed in it.

Lemon seed

Take at least 3 to 4 seeds of it depending on its size, and then grind them in order to create a thick paste.

Place them in a glass of water and consume it. If you want, you can also add some lemon juice, this mixture may taste bitter so have to take it for at least twice a day.


Slice three cloves of garlic into tiny pieces and place them in a glass and pour a hot water in it. Leave it all night and consume it in the morning on an empty stomach. You can also swallow bits of garlic.

Home remedy to remove amoebas:

Milkshake Onion

Take an onion and slice into few pieces, add it to a jar and put half glass water, and then leave it overnight.

In the morning, everything should be liquefied, and then you can now add a tablespoon of honey and consume it for at least a month.