Put a glass of water with salt and vinegar at any part of your house and you wont believe what happen after 24 hours!

There are times where in we all get that heavy feeling inside our very own home. As much home is the best place to be, negative energy can still travel around in your area. How to put an end to it, you ask? Well it’s simple! Let this article help you kill the negative energy with some of the common household items that you can find in your very own cupboard!

You will need:

1 transparent glass
White Vinegar
Granulated Salt


1. Add a little salt, vinegar and water to the glass.
2. Place it in areas where you usually spend your time the most or to where your visitors stay
3. Leave it for 24 hours, be observant of how the salt is reacting

How it works:

Salt is knowned as chakra and energy cleaners. If the salt stops rising, then it has successfuly absorbed the negative energies in your home!

This method is not scientifically proven but will do no harm if actually tested. Be sure to tell us what happened to YOUR home after doing this!

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