Use Beer and Say Cheers to Your Long Luscious Locks

While hanging out with friends, Beer has always been a choice for relaxation. However, do you know that for centuries, this tonic has remained one of the best hair and skin care remedies? The effects of beer on skin are amazing, as it contains special components that helps perfect skins pH balance, thus preventing ageing. It also helps rid of acne and what’s more, it keeps you looking radiant, young and fresh as dew forever. Apart from these skin benefits, beer can also give your hair an extra sheen and bounce keeping your strands soft and well manageable.

 Beer benefits for hair

Beer Benefits for Hair
  • The alcoholic beverage, Beer consisting of hair-vitalizing nutrients, helps strengthen and fortify dull lifeless hair.
  • The maltose and sucrose in beer provide an enhanced sheen to your hair by tightening the cuticles.
  • The malt and hops, abundant in proteins, nurture and strengthens hair shafts.
  • The proteins restore the body, bounce of your hair from damages caused by weather, hair straightening chemicals and dehydration due to frequent blow-drying.
  • The alcohol content in beer contains B vitamins that tighten the hair’s cuticles, adding volume and bounce to your hair.
  • The hops in beer contain an astringent quality that helps remove product residue left behind by chemical laden styling products and environmental exposure, which normally leads to dry itchy scalp.
  • Regular use of beer for hair care helps detangle hair, preventing breakage.
  • Since the beers pH factor is more or less similar to that of your hairs pH, beer does not cause any damage.
  • The use of beer is ideal for thin hair as beer adds volume to hair making them appear dense.


Effective Uses of Beer for Hair

Hair conditioner

Shampoo your hair and then follow it up with a beer rinse. This will keep your keep shiny and soft, preventing hair fall


Beer and Cider Vinegar

Apart from simple beer rinse, other beer treatments enhance beauty and volume of hairs.  For instance a mixture of beer and cider vinegar combined with some water along with a few drops of rosemary essential oil, used as an after shampoo rinse keeps hair healthy.


Beer with Jojoba Oil

Applying beer combined with jojoba oil to the hair roots, followed by a cold-water rinse adds body and bounce to hair.

Beer with Honey and Lemon Juice

To combat split ends, leave beer open overnight boiling it with water the next morning. Combine the alcohol with honey and lemon juice and apply to the hair ends. Leave it for 15 minutes and wash with lukewarm water.


Natural Hair Highlight

To bring out the natural highlights of your hair, soak your hair in beer and sit for a few minutes in the sun.


Styling Tonic

Beer makes effective styling tonics for hairs.  Hence, many professional hair stylists use it as a setting spray as it augments hair pliability, especially for dry hair.  For achieving this effect, after shampooing hair, just before drying, style your mane as desired and spray some beer. This helps keep your locks in place.


Therefore, to enjoy beer benefits for your hair you do not actually need to drink it. All that you need to do is just drench your tresses in it and see your hair come to life.

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