Is Aloe Vera Good for Acne?

aloe vera for acne

Is Aloe Vera Good for Acne?  (Image Source: Pinterest)

Acne is generally caused by microbial infection, excess sebum production, dermal dehydration and harmful external exposure, Apart from the medical, therapeutic and cosmetic options available to treat and prevent acne breakouts, some natural methods have also proven useful in fighting this ridged problem. Aloe vera, packed potent antioxidants and vital nutrients, is very helpful herbal treatment for eliminating acne effectively. Aloe vera is a potent natural skin moisturizer and acne fighter. Check out the below benefits of aloe vera for skin to cure acne breakouts.


Aloe Vera Eliminates Skin Infections

The phytonutrients like gibberellin, mannans and polysaccharides in aloe vera display powerful antibacterial property that is effective in eliminating harmful bacteria from the skin. It thus aids in treating and preventing acne and dermal redness. It restricts bacterial infections in acne wounds and also speeds up the healing process. The anti fungal property of this plant cures skin inflammations like cysts and coil effectively. Rubbing aloe vera gel on the face every day and then rinsing it away with water helps to keep acne and other skin infections at bay. [Read more: home remedies to get rid of acne]


Enriched with Magnesium lactate

Enriched with Magnesium lactate, Aloe helps to diminish the itching caused by acne. It also treats sunburns and skin rashes effectively.


Aloe Vera is a Natural Astringent

Aloe vera, rich in salicylic acid, is a powerful a natural astringent that removes dirt and excess sebum from the skin, unclogs blocked dermal pores and restores the dermal pH balance. It thus prevents formation of acne, whiteheads, blackheads etc naturally. It also minimises the swelling and pain caused by skin inflammations like cysts.  Applying aloe vera gel on the skin helps to tighten the dermal pores and thus decreases the chances or contracting microbial infections. Mixing a few drops of lemon juice in aloe vera gel, applying this paste evenly on the face, keeping it overnight and rinsing it away with water the following morning is a natural remedy to clear acne and prevent further breakout.


Aloe Vera Helps Skin Cells Regeneration

Powerful antioxidants like Anthraquinone present in aloe supply the skin with essential nutrients that prevenst skin cell damage and promote the regeneration of the damaged cell. It eliminates harmful free radicals from the skin and enhances the overall cellular health. This eventually helps in treating and preventing pigmentation and scarring of the skin and triggering effective lightning of blemishes and acne marks to create flawless and radiant skin.


Applying a natural facemask made by blending together aloe vera gel, honey, rose water and a pinch of turmeric powder into a smooth paste on the acne prone region of the face for 20 minutes followed by a thorough cold water rinse helps to eliminate the acne, lighten scars and brighten complexion effectively.

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