Important tips to reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke. Must Read


Heart attacks are so common these days and it may lead to excessive pain in both emotional and physical, as well as disability when they are nearly preventable.

You can actually consider a recent study that was piloted at the Karolinska Institute. The study have found out that engaging in five healthy lifestyle habits could actually prevent at least 80% of first time heart attacks in men.

Here are the 5 Healthy Habits that can prevent Heart Attack:

  • Do not smoke.
  • Eat healthy foods.
  • Stop drinking alcoholic beverages.
  • Do numerous physical activities, which include cycling or walking for at least 40 minutes on a daily basis and exercising for about 1 hour on a weekly basis.
  • Healthy circumference of the waist.

Healthy Diet

In order to have a healthy diet, you have to avoid sugar and sugary foods, refine carbohydrates as well as processed foods. You have to keep on your mind that the saturated fats that can be found in foods such as eggs and butter or lard are too bad for you. These saturated fats have the ability to affect the LDL cholesterol or also known as the bad cholesterol. LDL cholesterol is connected to all kinds of heart diseases, and there are two types of this cholesterol and they are:

  • Low-density LDL cholesterol
  • High-density LDL cholesterol

The High-density LDL cholesterol is not dangerous at all. However, you have to be extra careful because the Low-density LDL cholesterol is harmful and it can actually cause a plaque accumulation. You have to be informed that refined bagels, bread and soda has the ability to increase your Low-density LDL cholesterol.

Healthy Plan

  • You have to avoid consuming processed fructose, sugar, and grains.
  • Instead of consuming grain carbohydrates you can eat more vegetables, high quality protein resources, high quality healthy fats, which includes butter, raw dairy, organic pastured eggs yolks, coconuts and coconut oil, avocados, organic nut oil, raw nuts, grass-fed meats and the like.
  • You have to balance the ration between omega-3 and omega-6, because omega-3 deficiency can lead to numerous different health issues both physically and mentally.
  • The medical experts have claimed that people who eats fruit daily has 40% less risk of cardiovascular disease, particularly the sweeter fruits. You should follow this 2 simple rules:
  • People who are leptin or insulin resistant such as diabetics, overweighed and people who have high cholesterol level or hypertensive should limit their consumption of fruits. The fructose consumption should not exceed on 15 grams per day.
  • Other people with normal weight, not diabetic, does not have hypertension, does regular physical activity should consume fruits every day, particularly after doing an exercise. In this case, their body will use the sugar as a fuel and it will not increase the level of their sugar.

Diabetes Drugs

Have you heard about metformin? Well, if your answer is no, let me tell you that this drug is one of the most common drug that is used for diabetes and it is connected with an increased chance of low levels thyroid- stimulating hormone or TSH. Hence, when this hormone is in a low level, it can lead to serious damage to your body, which includes cardiovascular problems like atrial fibrillation that can result to congestive heart failure.

According to a recent study, when you are about to treat type 3 diabetes with the help of prescription drugs, you lower the glucose level in your blood bit eventually increases the risk of death from heart connected diseases meaningfully.

Beta-blockers and Scientific Misconduct

The beta-blockers have the ability to block the neurotransmitters epinephrine or adrenaline and norepinephrine from binding to beta-receptors. These blockers have been useful in treating patients who have to undergo a non-cardiac surgery.

According to the recent statistics, almost 800,000 of people die in Europe only due to beta-blockers.

You have to protect your heart and follow these instructions:

  • You have to lessen your stress and anxiety.
  • Do not sit too much.
  • You have to avoid statins due to its bad side effect and its benefits are questionable as well.
  • You have to consume more unprocessed saturated animal fats. Do not consume sugars, which include grains and processed fructose.
  • You have to do a lot of exercise such as weight lifting, high intensity interval training, core work and you have to stretch more often.
  • You have to develop your Vitamin D consumption. Go out more often or take Vitamin D supplements.
  • You can also walk barefoot from time to time so that you can obtain some potent antioxidants from Earth. These antioxidants are transferred through free electron that will actually soothe inflammation on your entire body.

It is not that difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. All you have to do is to change some habits that you used to do and improve your daily diet. You will see the results instantly.

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