If you want to get rid of small cysts inside your body, consume this home-made syrup!

Women are very busy creatures. It is like they were created to be destined to do a lot of things and stack them up even more. Women are highly capable of multitasking and they make great use of it every day. Since women are busy, there are a lot of things that they forsake in order to carry out their daily given tasks. However, because of this, many women would often undergo asymptomatic changes in their body. One of the examples of this is the Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

Every woman in the world is susceptible into developing this kind of disease. Since many women are far too busy in noticing the changes in their body, they might be chronically developing this.

But not all hope is lost. Cysts are varying in composition, there are hydatid cysts and there are cysts that are made of excess skin such as what you see under the skin of someone you knew.

There are a few ways of letting your immune system fight these cysts, shrink them and eventually make them all go away in this just one natural remedy that will cost you not even near the five percent of what you will pay when it’s too late.

Thankfully, this homemade remedy was discovered. This has been discovered long time ago and was used since then. It only needs two basic ingredients.


– 300 grams of houseleeks
– 500 grams of high quality clover honey


All you need to do is combine them in a jar that could cater the quantity of both and then let the compounds mix naturally by leaving it for 2-3 days. Once it is done, your homemade remedy is now ready to use!

How to use it:

It is best consumed immediately when you wakeup. A tablespoon a day is already enough. Make sure to take it the first thing in the morning since you need to let it be absorbed into your lining.

Take it on an empty stomach and be sure to not eat anything for the next 2 hours. Doing this everyday will lessen the chance and help you get rid of those developing cysts!

Houseleek and honey proved to be an excellent natural remedy for the treatment of cysts and fibroids. The combination of these two medicinal ingredients has been used since ancient times to treat many women’s problems, and other diseases.

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