How to whiten your with with baking soda using this 4 method!

How to whiten your with with baking soda using this 4 method!

A person’s smile is something that another person would easily notice. The face is what an individual will first look at during a first encounter.

A smile is a very friendly gesture to give off to someone who has good intentions. Smirk isn’t enough to impress someone or to fully express happiness, a smile, while showing your teeth, would. Meeting the parents, being with friends and especially during a job interview, an impressive an confident smile would be very crucial.

But imagine smiling and showing off yellow pigments instead of those pearly whites! An impression of seemingly having cheese as your teeth! Luckily for us, instead of going to the dentist and get yourself some expensive radiating treatments, you can just try these using only baking soda!

The ones you often see is just one of the few. We are giving you four useful methods for that matter!

Method number one

  • is simply replacing your toothpaste with baking soda alone. But this won’t be done every day, it should be done every other day and then be lessened as time goes by. The abrasive power of baking soda might irritate the layer of the teeth and make it yellow.

Method number two

  • is making a mouthwash out of baking soda and water. Equal parts and then use your preferred mouthwash after.

Method number three

  • is making a past using baking soda and lemon. Make sure the consistency is right and you can rub it on your teeth with fingers. You can also use your toothbrush but be careful with doings so!

Method number four

  • is simply brushing your teeth in a particular way while using baking soda. Do not do it hardly as the baking soda already is doing its part. Do not brush longer than two minutes.
    Keep in mind that baking soda is strong so do not use it too often, be mindful of the taste as well!