How To Use Neem To Cure Dandruff Naturally

How To Use Neem To Cure Dandruff NaturallyNature has a cure for everything, be it your mental, physical or even emotional health. We can find a healthier and safer substitute around us for free. One such herb that is extremely versatile is Neem. Neem has so many uses that you’ll grow tired if you start to count down its benefits. While Neem is excellent to combat skin issues, it works like a charm for your hair care woes as well. Your scalp is often affected by many issues such as dry scalp, production of sebum, dandruff etc which can be treated using Neem.

Neem is a very common ingredient that you can easily find in any household. Neem leaves has been used for their anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and blood purifying properties. Neem also helps to fight the internal cause of problematic scalp and ultimately stimulates hair growth.

Ways you can use Neem to get rid of Dandruff.Neem To Cure Dandruff

Neem oil

While you can easily get Neem Oil from a drugstore, you can just as easily make it at home. If you prefer buying it, go for Organic Neem Oil. While using Neem Oil, you need to dilute it with career oil such as coconut or olive oil as it is a little concentrated.

Neem Oil Recipe – You will need neem seed kernels or neem leaves to make your own Neem oil. To make your own Neem infused Oil, you first need to get your hands on some fresh Neem Leaves. Now soak the leaves in water to remove all the dirt and impurities for a while. Now rinse the water and let them dry. Take a container filled with coconut oil and put in the neem leaves. Let it sit for two whole weeks and then strain the leaves to get Neem Infused Coconut Oil.

Neem Oil Recipe

How to use it – You can simply use the Neem infused oil or diluted Neem oil as massage oil on your scalp. Lightly warm the oil in a microwave for a few seconds. Now dip your fingers in the oil and gently massage for scalp for 10 minutes in circular motions spreading the oil evenly on your scalp. Let it sit overnight and shampoo & condition as usual.

You can also use the Neem oil to make Neem shampoo if you don’t have the time to let it sit for a long time and want a quick fix. Simply mix a few drops of the concentrated Neem oil and mix it with your shampoo. Now wet your hair and gently massage the shampoo on your scalp while lathering it up. Wash with water and condition as usual.

Neem Rinse

Neem water is just as effective to treat problematic scalp and dandruff. Take about 2-3 glasses of water in a large container. Bring the water to a boil and add about 50 leaves of Neem and turn the heat off. Let it sit overnight and strain the  water the next day.

How to use it– After shampooing your hair, simply rinse your scalp and hair thoroughly with the Neem water. This will help eliminate dandruff and open up clogged pores as a result of dandruff.Neem Rinse

Neem Paste

Nothing works as great as pureed fresh neem leaves. Just gather some fresh neem leaves and soak them in water for a few minutes. Give them a quick wash to remove the dirt. Now strain the water and grind the Neem leaves with some regular water. Make a fine paste and your Neem puree is ready.

neem pasteHow to use it– Apply the Neem paste evenly on your hair and scalp. Concentrate on your scalp as that’s where the problem is. Tie your hair in a bun to get the hair out of your face. Now let it sit for about 2 hours. Rinse it off and make sure you wash out every bit of it as it may take a while. Shampoo and condition as usual.

Another way to consume Neem Paste is to eat it. Yes you heard it right. But don’t over do it, twice or thrice a month should suffice.Any skin or hair related problem can be easily solved if we cure it internally. Neem acts as a Natural Blood purifier; it kills all the toxins and detoxifies your body. It has powerful medicinal properties to kill all infections.

So just gulp a tablespoon of Neem paste and wash it down with water. Don’t eat anything for an hour or so to let it work. It’s best to eat it on an empty stomach preferably early in the morning. If you’re going to eat the Neem paste, you can pick out the baby neem leaves as they’re not as bitter as the matured ones.

Neem Powder

You can easily get a pack of Neem Powder in a local grocery store or a pharmacy. Just make sure to pick out the organic one. If you wish to make it on your own, it’s a long process. Just clean the Neem leaves as usual and let them dry out in the sun for a few days until they’re all crumbly. Now grind them into a fine powder and you’re done.

How to use it– You can infuse the Neem Powder in a jar filled with coconut or olive oil for two weeks. Then strain the powder using a muslin cloth to make your own Neem Oil. You can also mix the Neem powder with some water to make it into a paste and then use them just as we use the Neem Paste. You can also thow in the Neem Powder in boling water for a neem rinse.

So, these were some of the ways you could use Neem Oil or leaves to get rid of Dandruff forever. Do give this a try and you can rest assure, the dandruff isn’t coming back anytime soon.

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