How to use coconut oil to fight yeast infections and other feminine hygiene issues.

A lot of people have been informed about the numerous uses and health benefits of coconut oil. It is well-known because it can be used as natural remedies for many types of health issues. Coconut oil contains a lot of uses; you can actually use them for cooking, skin care and even to your health.

It is extremely effective in getting rid of yeast infection in your body. The yeast infection is due to hormonal imbalance, as well as weak immune system that are best for the fungus to grow and spread a lot more. You will eventually notice a yeast infection if you suffer from symptoms, which includes irritation, uncommon and foul vaginal discharge and itchiness.

Coconut oil comprises two major ingredients that can actually assist in curing yeast infection, and that is lauric acid and caprylic acid. It is effective in eliminating yeast infection due to its antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal content.

Some people have proved that taking at least 3.5 tablespoons of high-class extra virgin coconut oil or EVCO in a daily basis has the ability to get rid of yeast infection but it still depends on the severity of the condition.


Coconut Oil in Food

You can actually include coconut oil on your diet in order to avoid yeast infection. Just take a teaspoon of it before you consume your meal. You can also try to add it to your favorite hot drink.

Instead of using butter on your toasted bread and oatmeal or cooking oil to your dishes, try to substitute it with coconut oil. It is a lot healthier and it doesn’t produce trans-fat when it has been exposed to high temperatures. Moreover, you can also include fermented food to your daily diet for added support.

Coconut Oil Douche

Mix at least 3 to 4 tablespoons of coconut oil and about 2 quarts for warm purified water. Douche with the mixture. Simply continue the process on a daily basis until the yeast infection has been completely removed. You can also use alternately a tampon that has been doused in coconut oil in the area of the douche.

Pure Coconut Oil

Some creams that has been prescribe by doctors can sometimes contain side effects in has the ability to irritate the skin. You can actually use coconut oil because it can’t irritate the skin due to its organic and safe to use ability.

All you need to do is to rinse the infected area with clean water and pat dry with a clean towel, and then gently apply a small amount of coconut oil directly to the infected area. Repeat the process for at least 2 to 3 times until the yeast disappears.

Coconut Oil Capsule

You can also utilize coconut oil capsules because it is extremely effective in getting rid of yeast. It is advised to use it before going to bed because it yields with the temperature of the body. In order to prevent leakage of melted capsule, you can also use pads. Just take at least 2 to 3 capsules at night until the yeast infection has been removed.


Anti-fungal Properties

Coconut oil has caprylic acid that has the ability to breakdown the yeast cell. With the help of this substance, you can avoid the growth and spread of yeast infection. Caprylic acid is well-known in curing yeast infection.

Sugar Level

You can also utilize coconut oil as a replacement to your sweetener. It will assist you in order to lessen your intake of sugar. Sugar is a great food for fungus. Using coconut oil as a sweetener can actually reduce the consumption of carbs and decrease the development of both fungus and bad yeast. Furthermore, coconut oil is a good source of energy.

Excellent Barrier

Coconut oil can actually make a protective layer that will serve as a barrier in order to defend the delicate and irritated skin that has been previously damaged by yeast infection.

Try to follow all of these simple yet effective methods in order to get rid of yeast infection. Coconut oil is an effective natural remedy that has the ability to kill yeast infection, as well as to get rid of symptoms such as irritation, odor and itchiness.

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