How to train yourself to stop your wandering mind. The right way to pay attention.

Several numbers of factors goes into maintaining attention such as genetics, whether your environment is disturbing or at peace, past experiences, as well as your own will.

A recent study that was published in the Princeton University have recommends that if there is a will, there is definitely a way, which actually means that students who continuously checking their own levels of attention, performed better at concentrating on tasks.

Drifting thoughts, while there are times where a good way for the brain to rest of for the mind to stumble upon new creative idea can actually result to lost productivity and even accidents, particularly if they occur most of the time. The authors of the study believe that these “lapses” happens due to the people’s simply loss of focus or don’t pay too much attention.

The author has written, “We theorized that lapses in these tasks and in life happen because individuals do not sufficiently monitor how they are attending from one moment to another. He also added, “Lapses appear slowly and may be noticed too late, after the chain of events that releases behavioral errors has been started. For that reason, there is one way in order to train a continued attention that might actually provide a more sensitive feedback signals, such that participants can learn to sense the approaching lapses earlier and prevent them from revealing in behavior.”

In the study that they have made, the researches have observed the activity of the brain of numerous students who participated and performed a repetitive task that needs concentration. They have lain inside a functional magnetic resonance imaging of fMRI machine while overturning photos of human faces that was were place over the scenery and they were asked to press a button when they saw either a male of a female face, as well as when they saw either inside or outdoor scenery.

Every time that the researchers noticed activity in the brain of the student which shows reduced attention, the next task will become even harder than the other that will eventually force them to focus even more if they have slipped up.

This circumstance actually led to an improved performance because the students have learned how to be aware of their attention in order to make sure that they can maintain it.

To make it simpler, real-time feedback that came from your own brains can actually assist you in reducing attention laps and to help you on focusing.

Turk-Browne has said in the Press Release, “If you are supposed to be concentrating on the face and get easily distracted, we have notice that already in your brain before it leads to an error on the task.” He added, “We have alerted the participants that they are in the incorrect stated by making the task a lot harder so they will require a really focus. If we have seen that they are beginning to focus on the right kind of thing again, we are providing them information that they would not otherwise have until they made a mistake.”

This study has proved that human brain contains attentional plasticity or also known as the ability to improve concentration when checked on. After the moment of training period, the participants appeared to be able to differentiate between two kinds of states such as attention lapse and concentration, which assisted them in order to stay focus in the focus zone.

Turk-Browne has said in the Press Release, “The basic science is really why we have made the study, and we have actually learned a lot about the behavior of human brain.” He added, “I think some of the most interesting applications may actually be in the daily ordinary experiences that we all have of not being able to stay concentrated on what we are trying to do.”

This situation may include driving for a long period of time, but the authors also hopes that further research will be made on the subject that could actually help in treating attention disorders such as ADD or even ADHD.

However, people are definitely not robots. Even once is a while, it is just normal to slip and find yourself staring out the window at the sky. In addition, these lapses of attention can be good for your brain by providing some air in order to breathe.

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