How to sleep in the right position to help fight all your health problem.

Have you been informed that people spend almost third of their life for sleeping? Therefore, it is no wonder that the quality of the sleep, as well as the sleep position have a marvelous effect on your entire health.

Here are the few tips from top ten experts on how to sleep properly in order to fix all of your health problems:

Shoulder Pain

If you are usually suffering from shoulder pain, you have to prevent sleeping on the side, especially on the affected shoulder. It is not suggested to sleep on the stomach either because it leads to improper position of the shoulders.

The best sleeping position is lying on the back with a thin pillow that is place under your head. In order to keep your shoulders in a stable position, place another pillow on the stomach and simply hug it.

If sleeping with your back does not work for you, you can also try to lie on the side that is not affected. Move your legs towards the chest and place a pillow between your knees.

Back Pain

Maintaining the normal curves of the spine is the greatest importance in the case of back pain.

Sleeping on the back with a pillow that was placed under your knees is the best position for treating back pain because it assists in restoring the natural spinal curves. If you prefer sleeping on your stomach, put a pillow under your abdomen, as well as the pelvis in order to stop the back from moving forward.

Moreover, if you are a side sleeper, you can take the fetal position. Move your legs toward your chest and keep the back naturally arched. You can also put a small pillow between your knees.

Neck Pain

In the situation where you neck suffers from pain, sleeping on the back with a pillow that was placed under the head and another one under your arms is the best position. Those people with neck pain should choose for roll or orthopedic pillows.

If you usually sleep on the side, you have to make sure that the pillow is not too high. Its height should match the weight of your shoulder in order to keep the neck in the correct position.

If you often sleep on your stomach, you can use a thin pillow. Nevertheless, it is not suggested to sleep on the stomach because it will only strain your neck.

Cannot Fall Asleep or Having a Hard Time falling asleep

The light that was produced by smartphones and computers greatly affects the sleep-wake cycle, so remove all of them before going to bed. Moreover, prevent yourself from consuming coffee, black tea, chocolate, as well as soda for at least six hours before going to sleep. Furthermore, exercise in both of morning and afternoon will help you in improving your body circulation and it will also help you fall asleep effortlessly.

Cannot Stay Asleep Or Always waking up

If you often wake up in the middle of the night, you have to avoid the use of gadgets before going to sleep, this can disrupt your body’s time clock and can get you in an alert state, as well as the consumption of alcohol. Maintain your room temperature for at least 20-22°С, too.

Cannot Wake Up Or Having a Hard Time Waking Up

This problem is very common and quite difficult to solve. However, all you have to do is to set the alarm for the same time on a daily basis, even on weekends. I don’t have to say this but you have to sleep early in the evening of you really wanted to wake up early. Also having a regular sleep pattern will give you the ability to wake up at the same time without a problem.


Those people who usually snore should avoid sleeping on the back because in this kind of position the throat tissue sags and narrows the airway. Instead, sleep on the side, since with the head in a natural position; nothing will hinder the flow of the air. Also try to rest a bit before going to sleep it since stress can also be a factor in snoring.

Leg Cramps

Leg cramps are felt just like unexpected spasms or tightening of the muscles in different body parts such as thighs, calf and even the feet. Nighttime leg cramps ate usually connected to nerve damage, disease, as well as mineral deficiency. A good way to treat leg cramps is to stretch the muscles by simply massaging them or doing yoga before going to bed. Just do not over do it.

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