Best Ways to Treat Cracked and Brittle Fingernails

Your fingernails reflect the state of your general health. Therefore, dry brittle cracked and split fingernails require your immediate attention and a little bit of pampering.


Unhealthy Nails

Best Ways to Treat Cracked and Brittle Fingernails

Causes of Split and Cracked Nails

Age Factors

Dry fingernails cause cracks in the nails. With age, nails lose the natural oils that bind the topmost layer of the nails making them extremely dry.  If your fingernails happen to be too thin and your skin dry this occurs prematurely.


Health Conditions

Certain medical condition like anaemia, skin diseases and thyroid affect the state of the nails causing them to become brittle.  If this is one of the factors for unattractive nails consult a doctor to treat the condition, which in turn will improve the health of your fingernails.


Excessive Water

Furthermore, soaking fingernails in water for prolonged period or too much of swimming exposing fingernails to hard water makes the keratin, which fortifies and binds the top most layers of the nails to split and crack.


Harsh Chemicals

Using harsh chemicals in the form of soaps, shampoos, detergents and cleaning products make the nails brittle and crack with split layers.


Nail Hardeners

Frequent use of nail hardeners make matters worse as these products contain harsh chemicals like formaldehyde that strip the nails of natural oils and break down the cells that hold the nails together.


Best Ways to Treat Cracked and Brittle Fingernails

Moisturize Nails Regularly

Nails crack due to extreme skin dryness, therefore moisturizing the nails and cuticles regularly every night keep them strong and sturdy. (Also see olive oil for nails) Using natural oils such as avocado, jojoba and Shea butter prove useful in fortifying cracked nails. Using creams and ointments consisting of lanolin also helps moisturise hands, protecting them from dryness.  Moisturising the fingernails immediately following a shower or water exposure is essential as dry nails do not hold the moisturisers and provide the desired benefits.


Trim Nails Frequently

Fingernails grow at a slow pace requiring a period of three to six months to grow from the cuticle to tip. Each month they grow about two to three millimetres. Therefore, before embarking on any treatment method for cracked split fingernails, it is better to trim them short with rounded edges to prevent tearing.


Avoid Harsh Chemicals

To prevent dry cracked fingernails avoiding harsh chemically laden products instead opt for less harsh cleaning solutions does a lot of good for the fingernails keeping them healthy.


Wear Protective Gloves

If you require frequent exposure to water and cleaning products then protect hands by wearing a pair of gloves. Rubber, plastic or latex gloves with cotton lining will offer maximum protection to hands and fingernails.


Limit Using Hardeners

Avoid using nail polish removers regularly as these make the fingernails brittle and dry, stripping them of their natural oils. It is imperative to use a remover devoid of acetone once in two weeks to keep them attractive.


A Wholesome Diet

Taking a wholesome diet rich in vitamins comprising of fish, beans, natural oils, whole grains, nuts, vegetables and fruits help provide the required nutrients to keep nails healthy and attractive. Since nail grows at a slow pace it might need at least a year for them to repair and regain their lost glory.

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