How to make your varicose veins disappear with this home-made recipe.

How to make your varicose veins disappear with this home-made recipe.

The problem varicose veins have been more common in women than in men, but many of them suffer from this kind of problem.

Commonly, the collection of blood in the veins results to expanded and swollen veins that prevent the flow of the blood to the heart. Varicose veins frequently happen in the area of the wrists and lower legs.

These swellings are the result of long standing or sitting, blood disease, lack of physical activities, as well as pregnancy or excess weight.

Luckily, it is not actually a serious condition and it can be treated with several home remedies. You will be required to change some habits such as long standing and seating.

This recipe has been used for several years and it is proven to be very effective. This is the astonishing recipe against varicose veins that is transmitted from one generation to another, it gives guaranteed results.


  • 1 baby soap
  • 1 glass of sheep milk


All you have to do is to crush the baby soap and add the milk in it. Then rub the affected area with this mixture for at least three times a day. The mixture should be store in the fridge.

As an alternative, you can also compress it with a greater amount of the mixture and put it on the affected area. Do the compress for at least thrice a day.

If you are continuously using this kind of treatment for a month, you will definitely see the changes within the second week of the treatment.