How to lose weight fast and easy with the Japanese morning diet!

The moment that Hitoshi Watanabe has published his book which is known as “The morning banana diet,” it became a huge international hit.

It promises to assist you in losing at least 10 pounds in just a week, without even having to invest in any efforts or include some specific healthy routines into your daily lifestyle.

All you need to do is to simply consume bananas with a glass of water at a room temperature every morning, and you can consume all bananas that you want during the day.

Seemingly, Watanabe have tried all types of methods and failed to lose weight, so he has written all of the diet regimens that had previously tried, as well as their effects. He also wrote about the scientific knowledge of his wife namely, Sumiko, which is a pharmacist in the field of preventive medicine.

The couple have helped each other and worked together in order to create the Morning Banana Diet, which requires that the breakfast should be consisted of bananas and a glass of water. However, you have to remember that you should not consume anything until the lunch.

Bananas are packed in resistant starch which actively stimulates the loss of the weight because it goes directly in the large intestine. Bacteria have been converting it into short-chain fatty acids that feed the cells and supports the health of the gastrointestinal tract.

This process doesn’t limit the number of bananas that you have to consume, so you can eat as much as many as you need in order to make yourself full.

The 80/20 rule of the Japanese is extremely healthy and beneficial. It assists you to not overload your stomach with food, as they eat only 80% of the served portion, and leave the remaining 20%.

In order to boost the metabolism, you have to consume a glass of warm water in the morning and wait for at least an hour before eating another banana. If you are not yet full, consume another banana after 20 minutes.

You can actually consume anything for lunch and dinner, but you need to make sure that your snacks between these meals are only fruits.

Watanabe have said that you need to avoid both of milk and alcohol during the diet regimen, and the last meal should be around 8pm. Studies shows that going late to bed can actually result to weight gain, so make sure that you to bed by midnight.

Benefits of the diet:

-Regular breakfast stimulates the metabolism and it also prevents overeating during the rest of the day.
-It is extremely healthy and beneficial.
-Bananas have the ability to energize the body and give high amounts of both potassium and fiber.
-The water at room temperature can actually boost your metabolism.
-Bananas can actually assist you in getting rid of cellulite.
-It is affordable and effective way in order to lose weight.
-You can actually control your appetite, as well as to regulate the blood glucose if you avoid the usual morning coffee.
-It will aid you in decreasing late night cravings and it also lower weight in a healthy way.
-It reduces your consumption of alcohol.

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