How to identify plastic rice or fake rice at home – Tricks and tips

Nowadays, fake rice has been considered as one of the hardest issues in the entire world because they have been made with plastic. And today, we are going to talk about the most useful information that people are facing on each and every day of their lives. This fake rice mostly made in China, and there are a lot of people are suffering from it.

This issue cannot be only found in India but also in countries like Singapore, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and a lot more. It is extremely difficult to know the difference between plastic or fake rice. It can also lead to numerous health diseases.

Mostly, plastic are made out of a lot chemicals just like synthetic or semi-synthetic organics. These kinds of chemicals are extremely dangerous for humans. People should not have this plastic rice because once the plastic rice enters the human body, people can’t actually do anything. There is no exact solution for this kind of this problem.

The worst thing about this problem is that it is increasing day by day in India. But you don’t have to worry because all you need to do is to follow this simple trick then you can effortlessly identify the plastic rice at home.

Here is how to identify Plastic Rice or Fake Rice:

Here I will share some tricks and tips in order to know if it is fake rice or not. Even though you don’t actually need to use any kind of chemicals, just the simple ones that you can find in your home. It is extremely essential to find out the fake rice because it may lead to numerous diseases so you have to take extra careful.

-This process is so simple and easy, just take a glass of water and drop some amount of rice in the glass and stir it. Now you will eventually see that the fake rice will float at the top because the fake rice will combine with plastic.

-There is another simple process, just take rice and simply burn it with the help of matchbox. If it is made out of plastic then it will smell like one.

-You may also check the rice after boiling it. Simply take the boiled rice in one bottle then just leave it for at least 2 to 3 days. If the rice contains a plastic it will not get any fungus because plastic can’t be affected in any temperature or any seasons. The plastic will always remain the same.

-There is another possible way in order to know if it’s fake rice or not. Simply take some amount of rice and place into some real hot oil for at least 200o C. The rice that is in the bottom of the bowl is the fake rice.

-You can also identify fake rice while boiling time. Simply observe the rice during its boiling time because if there is a plastic in it, them will it begin to form a thick layer at the top of the pan.