Top 10 Remedies for Darkened Lips

Very attractive Rosy pink lips often give way to discoloured dark lips appearing rather unappealing losing their original natural charm. However, there are various factors responsible for this kind of problems. Let us peek into a few of them finding ways and means of restoring their original shade.


Beautiful Pink Lips

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Causes for Dark Lips
  • One of the main culprits for the change in lip colour is the reaction to chemicals in cosmetic and beauty products
  • Consuming hot beverages
  • Hyper pigmentation
  • Allergies
  • Frequent chewing or licking of lips
  • Heavy smoking
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Exposure to Ultra violet rays
  • Dehydration
  • Iron deficiency
  • Vitamin Deficiency


In some unusual and rare cases, dark lips may indicate liver, gall bladder and kidney disorders or certain form of cancer. Nevertheless, in some others this may suggest a natural increase in melanin pigmentation.


Although an embarrassing problem, with simple natural remedies, it is possible to get rid of darkened lips and restore the rosy hue.


Natural Remedies for Regaining Attractive Rosy Lips

1)  Saffron for Dark Lips

Applying a few strands of saffron with butter (clarified) and yogurt on the lips keeps them fresh and pink eliminating any discolouration.


2)  Rose Petals for Dark Lips

Another remedy for dark lips is to apply a mixture of crushed fresh rose petals in combination with castor oil and glycerine on the darkened lips works wonders.


3)  Almonds for Dark Lips

Massage lips with a mixture made from a blend of peeled and soaked almonds with milk. Scrub them after fifteen to twenty minutes for effective results.


4)  Cucumber for Dark Lips

Cucumber is another effective remedy for dark lips, considering its bleaching properties. Hence, massaging cucumber juice on the lips helps keep the petal soft lips retain their normal shade.


5)  Lemon for Dark Lips

A natural bleaching agent lemon is effective for skin lightening treatments. Hence, little wonder that rubbing fresh lemon juice overnight on the lips helps remove the darkened spots, keeping them smooth.


6)  Ice cubes for Dark Lips

A surprise element, indeed…Rubbing the lips with ice cubes help hydrate keeping them fresh and glowing


7)  Aloe Vera

Spreading Aloe Vera gel on the lips, helps regain natural lip tone.


8)  Petroleum Jelly for Dark Lips

For delicate pink lips gentle exfoliation with petroleum jelly, using a soft bristle brush also helps.


9)  Sugar and Honey for Dark Lips

Combine sugar and honey in equal proportions and use the mixture as a gentle scrub to reclaim the natural pinkness of lips.


10)  Banana for Dark Lips

Rubbing the lips regularly with a paste of milk cream and ripened banana keeps them soft.


Dark Lips: Preventive Measures


  • Choose reputed brand of cosmetic products like lipsticks wisely
  • Remove lipsticks and make up before retiring to bed
  • Keeps lips hydrated and nourished with application of butter/petroleum jelly every night.
  • Eat a well balanced diet comprising of healthy fruits and veggies to counter any deficiencies.
  • Drink at least eight to ten glasses of water every day to keep the body and skin well hydrated.



  • Avoid hot beverages
  • Avoid Cigarettes
  • Avoid using cosmetics after expiry
  • Avoid exposure to UV rays of the sun. Opt for lipsticks and glosses with sun protection factor.
  • Avoid pale, colourless, shimmering gloss as they have a tendency to increase the darkness of lip caused by sun damage.
  • Avoid chewing/biting the lower lip

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