How To Easily Avoid Getting Pregnant Without Using Condoms? Must Know!

There are many young couples nowadays who experiencing early marriage because of an unexpected pregnancy of the ladies. In many cases, most couples intended to do the int3rcourse before getting married which is truly not appropriate for some reasons.

Many of those couples admit that having intercourse without a condom could make them feel comfortable with their partners. Here are some ways you need to know, to prevent early pregnancy:

1. Withdrawal method: it is when a guy feels that is ready to cum, instead of releasing it inside his partner, he needs to remove it from there and release it outside.

2. Use the birth control method: this is one of the most effective ways to prevent and circulate well the system of the egg inside the ladies, this is intended to avoid meeting the men’s sperm to the ladies egg.

3. The use of menstrual cycle. It is very important that both of you know this cycle, it is the best way to notify yourself how safe to release it inside.

4. The T copper: this is done through professional surgery. The doctor will implant this thing inside the uterus to block the sperm lining passage inside.

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