How to declutter your home?

The moment you step inside your house, do you feel like walking into a quarry field? Are you searching through your (junk) drawer and never able to find your car keys? Then, it is time for you to de-clutter your house. Nobody likes to live in a house that is filled with bundles of clutter all over the place.We all yearn to live in a house where things are arranged in a smart and structured manner. So, let’s try to de-clutter our house and invite some fresh and clean air through our windows.


How to organize things at home?
How to Declutter Your Home?

How to Declutter Your Home?

You don’t have to stress yourself for organizing things in a right way. Simply, fine-tune your schedule. That’s more than enough. Follow the tips to make your house neat, clean and sparkly.


 1.  Clean-up day: Schedule one day of the week as ‘clean-up’ day. Regular de-cluttering means lesser possibility of clutter at home.


2.  Begin with the minimally used room: Each and every room in the house can grant its own difficulties while cleaning up. So, start with a room that is being minimally used by the family members. This can bring quick reward to your hard work. You’ll get motivated to clean up the other rooms as well.


3.  Set your alarm: Splitting your tasks into several segments helps you to organize things without getting tired and exhausted. Therefore, before you start, set your alarm to beep every 20 minutes or so. Clean-up for 20 minutes.When the alarm beeps, stop your work immediately. Take a break. Have a cup of hot coffee or watch TV. Again, start your work for another set of 20 minutes.


4.  Categorize the items: It is very important to categorize the things that you have. To do so, allot 3 boxes for your convenience. Label the first box as ‘stay home’, the second box as ‘sell’ and the third box as ‘donations’. Put all essential things that you need into the ‘stay home’ box. Items that you wish to put up for sale gointo the “sell” box and items that you wish to donate goes into the “donations” box.  Use a garbage bag for things that you just want to get rid of. To start with, you can even divide your items into 3 stacks. Later, if you change your mind to move an item into a different box, you can do it easily.


5.  Remove unwanted stuffs: Removing unwanted things from your house will definitely offer you more space for entertaining and living. Particularly, things that are broken or are probably of no use should be removed from the house. For instance, you can get rid of the old magazines that are piled up in your house for a long time. If you really can’t decide on some items, then, pack those items and store that package in your garage. However, mark the package with item name and date. If you haven’t reached that package in a year, it should travel to charity.


6.  Add storages: Containers are the basic prerequisite for organizing various items systematically. Bamboo baskets, canvas boxes or plain tubs works pretty good for storage. You can set up a sleek shelf by the door for hanging your keys. Make sure to purchase light-weight cupboards for storage purposes. You can even buy some inexpensive freestyle fixtures at a hardware store and fix them to the cabinet door or wall in order to save some space.


7.  De-clutter those junk mails: Dealing with the incoming mails on a daily basis is a real battle. To overcome this, clear out all unnecessary junk mails right away. Organize important mails in a folder. That way, there will be no mail-junks at home!


8.  Paint: Wash-off the dirt from each room surfaces and if needed, freshen up the drywall paint to make the room tidy and welcoming.


9.  Set-up your own rule: The major rule of thumb is: If you haven’t used a specific item for a year or so, then it goes either into the charity box or into the garbage. This rule prevents you from piling up a heap of items that ultimately leads to a big mess.


10.  Make some money: Hunt through the items and stick price stickers on those items you wish to sell. Price stickers will save your time on the day of sale. In addition, people might feel comfortable to pick the items that come under their budget. Plan a garage sale before your house as soon as possible. If not, you will be tempted to bring some of the items into your house again.


11.  Relax: At last, you did it!! Leaf through your house and take pleasure in enjoying the clean and tidy space that you haven’t seen for months or even years!

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