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After a wild night when you hit the bottle hard, what makes you down the next morning? It is the hangover where you are left over with a pounding headache, nausea, tiredness, and overall sense of feeling like crap. Sometimes it takes the whole day to get everything back to normal. Though the only surefire cure for a hangover is time and nothing will heal you of that hangover better than time, I share here few simple tips which work well to end it a little faster or at least help you feel a little less miserable.


Hangover Remedies

Hangover Remedies (Image source: sxc.hu)

Drink Plenty of Liquid 

It’s not a groundbreaking advice, but it is essential to keep a steady flow of water in your system when trying to alleviate a hangover. Drinking alcohol makes you pee more, thus, leaving your body dehydrated. This results in dizziness and headache during hangover. As drinking lot of water dilutes alcohol in your blood, it helps to reduce the effects of hangover. In addition to water, you can intake some healthy nutritious drinks such as:

  • Fruits, vegetable juice or tender coconut water.
  • 2-3 teaspoons of honey mixed in water to neutralize the alcohol effect and give a soothing effect to the stomach.
  • Orange juice or Lemon water for Vitamin C.
  • Buttermilk (chach) with added salt and powdered roasted cumin.
  • Boil few slices of ginger in water for 10-15 minutes, strain and add lemon juice and half 2-3 teaspoons of honey. Drink this mixture to alleviate the effects of hangover.


Eat Light Snacks 

Cookies and toast can boost blood sugar levels that may have dipped while drinking. Also consider eating a couple of bananas to replenish the salt and potassium lost through frequent urinating. Even if you don’t feel like it, eat some mineral and protein rich foods which are easy to digest. Eating fresh salted cucumbers and tomato will also make you feel better.


Chow Down on Some Asparagus

According to some recent research, asparagus is effective to alleviate hangover symptoms, probably due to its amino acids and minerals, which reduce the toxicity of alcohol on liver cells. This green veggie is a diuretic, so it’ll make you pee and get some of that alcohol out of your system.


Stay away from Coffee and Cigarettes

Intake of caffeine or nicotine will further dehydrate you, and increase the effects of hangover. A weak cup of coffee may be okay but drinking a lot of caffeine will continue to dehydrate you. Similarly avoid cigarettes until you get rid of that hangover completely. People, who smoke cigarettes while drinking, suffer worse hangovers than those who stick to booze alone. So kick the habit, and you may be less vulnerable to anguish of a hangover. Read more harmful effects of smoking


Get Some Exercise

If it is early morning then go for a walk and inhale some cool fresh air. Do some deep breathing exercise in the early morning air. It will help you to clear your head and rid yourself of that cloudy, foggy feeling, and help you feel rejuvenated. Though it is not easy and your body will refuge to do any sort of exercise, still if you do some normal physical exercise that keeps you sweating; it will give you relief and help get to the normal.


Take a Shower

Take a long shower, either by cold or hot water, it opens the skin pores and gets your skin breathing, improves blood circulation and relaxes tense muscles.


Get Some Sleep

Rest is the best cure of hangover to give your body a recover, so If you have the luxury of “sleeping it off” the next day, do so. Do not forget to eat something and intake lots of flood before hitting the bed.


Take a Pain Reliever

Taking an aspirin about an hour before you need to be functional, should help but aspirin can upset an already irritated stomach, and acetaminophen could lead to liver damage. Don’t take over the recommended dose.The side effects of aspirin, Tylenol and ibuprofen can be magnified when alcohol is in your system, so it is good to avoid them to kill the hangover anguish.


Precautions to Avoid a Hangover

“Prevention is better than cure”, they say. Despite all the pills and remedies we have to alleviate a hangover, wouldn’t it be better not to have it in the first place? Here are some tips for preventing a hangover.

  • The only surefire way to prevent a hangover is not drink any alcohol. You can find various guides on how to get sober from alcoholism which will help you out to get rid of the bad habit of alcoholism.
  • But if you have decided to drink it, try not to drink too much. Before going to drink, eat something or take a glass of milk to slow down the absorption of alcohol.
  • Keep eating snacks and salads while drinking; it reduces the rate at which alcohol enters to blood.
  • Drink one or two glass of water while taking alcohol, it will make you pee more but reduce the chances of getting a hangover next day.
  • Many people smoke cigarettes too much while drinking. Cigarette contains the chemical acetaledhyde, which has been linked to hangovers. Smoking while drinking highly increases the chances of hangover. One or two cigarettes may be fine, but avoid smoking more than that.
  • Stay with one type of alcohol. Mixing different types of alcohol will increase the chances of getting a hangover next day.
  • Darker-colored alcoholic beverages such as scotch, tequila, brandy, whiskey, have a greater amount of chemicals called congeners, which are greatly responsible for hangover effects. So choose light liquors like vodka. However light or dark colored alcohol, if taken in the excess, cause the condition.
  • Liquid centrum, a liquid form of multivitamin is also helpful to prevent hangovers. Right before you go out for partying, take a dose of it.

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