How Does Cucumber Benefit Skin?

cucumber for skinCucumber is known for its cooling properties. The high content of water present in them along with vitamin C and the element silica is great for maintaining glowing healthy skin in a natural way. There are many ways you can utilize cucumber to benefit your skin right from the comfort of your home. So stop resorting to expensive and harmful beauty products in markets and go natural to be cool literally!!


Here are some ways you can use it at home and experience it work wonders for your skin.


Cucumber as Natural Eye Pads

The hectic and long hours of work in front of computers is something we cannot avoid but the effect it has on our eyes in terms of tiredness, dark circles and puffiness can be drastically reduced. Use these natural eye pads after a long day’s work and you are sure to feel refreshed. As it has mild properties you can resort to using it on the sensitive region around your eyes without any second thoughts.


Cucumber for Oily Skin

Cucumber is a natural astringent and removes excess oil and closes pores as well. Applying cucumber juice or pulp in either plain form or by mixing it in a face pack will reduce the oiliness of skin to a great extent.


Oily skin is prone to makeup getting smudged easily. Clean your face with cucumber juice daily and wash it after 15 minutes. Applying makeup after this cleansing routine will help the makeup last longer.


The cleansing properties of cucumber also prevent acne formation.


Cucumber for Dry Skin and Wrinkles

Grated cucumber mixed with equal amount of sour cream and beaten egg white should be applied as a mask for duration of twenty minutes. This will help in reducing the dryness of the skin.


Skin aging and wrinkle formation can also be combated in this manner, as the mask helps in tightening of the skin and keeping it soft and supple at the same time.


Cucumber for Reduction of Spots and Skin Lightening

Pollution and exposure to harmful sun rays has adverse effect on the skin. This is reflected as skin darkening and pigmentation. Cucumber juice works effectively in removing sun tan and lightening the skin tone.


Mix it with about two teaspoons of powdered milk and beaten egg white. Apply this mixture evenly on the neck and face and rinse with water after half an hour. It will effectively remove the sun tan and also help in cooling your skin.


Another alternative method is to mix cucumber pulp with almond butter and apply it for 15 minutes and rinse off. This can help in significantly reducing skin blemishes and make your skin feel soft.


Choose your way of using cucumber as per your skin type and needs to make your skin glow. Don’t forget to consume it in ample quantities as salads in addition to applying it externally.


This wonderful vegetable will make your skin glow and keep it free from blemishes for a long time. In short, you can bid farewell to all your skin problems in one go. So go ahead and use it liberally to pamper your skin.

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