Host a wonderful holiday party!

Holidays are all about relaxing, enjoying, tasting good food and chatting with friends and family. Truly speaking, holidays are good stress-busters. These are the joyful seasons of the year. Holiday gatherings strengthen the bond between our friends and family. However, hosting a holiday party is stressful and chaotic for most of us. It requires a lot of efforts in prep-work, shopping, decoration etc. Nevertheless, if planned appropriately, you don’t need stress yourself by any means. Actually, you can create meaningful reminiscences without breaking a sweat.  Just follow the tips given here to host an unforgettable holiday party this year.


Sort-out the party essentials

First of all, start collecting the party essentials. Make a list of your party needs such as, candles, serving dishes, cook-wares, tablecloths, etc. You can even borrow some party essentials from you neighbors and friends. Store all essential items in one place. If space permits, you can purchase a portable or mobile closet that lodges all your party essentials. For your convenience, keep this portable closet in your kitchen. That way, you don’t have to search a specific item when you really need it. Nowadays, there are so many cookwares’ that can go from the oven to your dinner table without a glitch.  You can buy such cookware’s to save time.



After organizing your party essentials, start planning for the party. Planning includes creating list of people attending the party, menu, decoration theme, etc. Create a ‘to-do list’ and set time limit for each and every task. Buy groceries, clean the house and decorate your living room two days ahead of the party.


Cooking and serving space

Party means “different varieties of food”. Hence, more space will be required for both cooking as well as serving. This can be done by making simple adjustments. You can take advantage of your unused toaster-oven and dual burner (which you haven’t used for a long time) to spread out your oven and cooking space. Moreover, it is very important to create room for all party food items in the dinner table. You should arrange all the food items in such a way that they are easily accessed by the guests. For instance, appetizers and dessert items can be placed vertically. Main entrée’s can go horizontally. This way, you’ll have enough room to accommodate all the food items.


Keep the menu simple

Keep the party recipes simple and straightforward. For example, Instead of choosing a deep-fried item (which is time-consuming), you can make many tasty recipes with the store-bought puff pastries. Avoid complicated recipes. It will occupy most of your time.


Create party mood

Party Decoration

The best way to create a party mood in your house is by filling your house with scented candles. You have a lot of options to choose from. Flavors like mulberry, cinnamon, green apples smells divine. Nowadays, flameless scented candles are readily available in the market. These candles glow and glimmer like authentic candles and looks gorgeous. These are some great choices if, you wish to avoid real candles near the screens and curtains.


Play some music

Music brings happiness, joy and life to the party. Play a background music that is neither too loud nor too low. In addition, you can also select a theme for your party music. For instance, if your theme is summer, then play some ‘Hawaiian music’ to cheer up the guests.


Choose a theme

Set a ‘party theme’ to make your party more fun and interesting. It’s not a big deal. Just choose a specific color as your party theme. For example, if you choose green color as your party theme, then, buy candles, napkins, serving plates and other decorative items in green color. You can even make green cocktails to impress your guests. This also reveals your creativity.

 Party Theme

Share your work

Try to share some tasks. Come on! Host should enjoy the party too!! Your friends, family members and neighbors will be more than happy to help you. Trust me! Request your friends and family members to help you out in running simple errands such as, folding the table clothes, washing dishes, cutting veggies etc. If your friends volunteer to bring some food items for the party, let them bring. After all, they are trying to lighten your burden! You can also request some of your close friends to tidy up the house after the party ends.


On the whole, it’s a holiday party to enjoy, cherish and spend some quality time with your friends and family. Do things in an uncomplicated manner. Nobody expects perfection and precision in a holiday party. The ultimate goal for hosting a holiday party is to have fun and enjoyment.

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