Mend Split Ends the Natural Way

While long, luscious, healthy locks are a boon for most women, split ends prove a painful bane. The split end menace, however, is an ongoing battle. Therefore, to repair damaged tresses, here are a few tips and tricks to keep the locks glossy and healthy.


Home Remedies for Dry Hair

Home Remedies to Repair Split Ends

What Causes Split Ends?

Split ends or trichoptilosis occurs with hair follicle damage or repair. This is primarily because hair as the skin encompasses several layers, with the cuticle, the outer layer, comprising of dead cells piled one on top of the other. This protects the second layer, cortex, consisting of Keratin, the same proteins present in fingernails.  However, extremely dense hair consists of another layer, the medulla. Nevertheless, with the wearing out of the cuticle, the keratin coils that exist in the cortex, break open causing two splits of a hair strand.


Factors Contributing to Split Ends

Various factors contribute to dry damaged tresses.  They are as follows…

  • Poor nourishment
  • Lack of proper care
  • Excessive combining
  • Frequent exposure to heat and styling products
  • Towel drying
  • Lack of moisture, ripping the natural oils from the tresses
  • Extreme climates


Home Remedies to Repair Split Ends The Natural Way…


hair trimA universal approach to mend split ends is to trim the tresses an inch or two. However, this offers no permanent solution as they keep reappearing requiring another trimming session in a couple of week’s time. Nevertheless, this makes a healthier option compared to the products available to repair dry damages locks.



Beer is excellent for conditioning the tresses, adding more volume, making them appear bouncy. This is because, the sugar and protein contents in Beer, by attaching themselves to the hair shaft, fortify the locks giving them a glossy appearance. An effective astringent, beer also helps eliminate product residues from the scalp and hair keeping them healthy.  Hence, soaking the hair follicles in beer before a shower proves beneficial.


Olive Oil and Honey

Combining olive oil and honey in equal proportions and massing the mixture on to the hair follicles, followed by a wash after half an hour, keeps hair conditioned and moisturised.



Mash a couple of papaya pieces with yogurt and apply over the hair.  In order to retain moisture, cover with a shower cap and rinse after half an hour.



Egg for Hair

Massage a beaten egg with water on to wet hair scalp and wash with cool water as a remedy for split ends. [Read more benefits of egg white for hair]



Mash an avocado along with beaten egg and olive oil. Apply the mixture to the hair and allow resting for half an hour to enable penetration of healthy ingredients into the scalp.  Finally rinse with cool water.



Massaging the hair with mayonnaise and washing hair after twenty minutes, helps split ends.



Massaging hair roots with a mixture of mashed banana, avocado and olive oil keeps the tresses glossy and healthy.


Hot oil

Hair Massage

Massaging the scalp with a few drops of hot oil (coconut, olive, avocado, jojoba, castor or mustard) nourishes hair and keeps them healthy.


Tips to Prevent Split Ends


  • split endsAlways use alcohol-free shampoos, to prevent dry hair
  • Use a wide toothed comb for brushing hair
  • Protect hair from the sun’s harsh rays
  • Consume water to remain hydrated
  • Eat a well-balanced healthy diet
  • Allow hair to dry naturally



  • Avoid using heat to hair
  • Avoid using chemicals on hair
  • Avoid brushing hair when wet

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