Home Remedies for Body Odor

Home Remedies for Body OdorThe human body is a marvelous creation. It can adapt to various external conditions and tune itself up so that syncing with the Mother Nature is not a difficult task. This property where any system is able to maintain its internal environment is termed as homeostasis. In the days when the environment is hot or humid or both, the body secretes sweat which reduces the body temperature, and thus helps the body survive heat.  Sweat, due to a number of reasons like bacterial growth, less air circulation, is also responsible for various pungent odors which often annoy us.

Body odor, known as Bromhidrosis in scientific terms, is always an unpleasant for the person having it as well as for those near to him. So, can’t it be avoided? Can one reduce the odor or even stop it? The answers to all these questions are “yes”. But how to do it? Keep on reading this article below for some interesting and simple remedies that will you smell like lavender or any other fragrance which is your favorite.


Why Sweat is produced?

The human body has sweat glands which are located beneath the skin. Sweat glands can be Sabaceous, eccrine and aporcrine type in humans. A normal human has around 4 million sweat glands which are spread all over his body.


Sweat secretion or perspiration is a process which performs three tasks: excretion, temperature regulation, indicating excitement/fear etc.


How Sweat creates body odor?

It is not the sweat creating the body odor, the processes which occur after or during sweat secretion are mainly responsible for sweat. Abnormal bacteria growth, poor air ventilation are major reasons which eventually create body odor. The odor is not only difficult to adjust but is also an indication that the person should clean himself up or skin diseases might be possible. Also read home remedies for excessive sweating


How to control and prevent body odor?

Below you can find some of the very effective ways of controlling body odor.

shower1. Take a shower: The best immediate idea is to sit under the fan to dry down the sweat and then taking a shower. Water will rejuvenate the body by cleaning the sweat glands and taking out the bacteria causing odor. For a more soothing effect, you can use various shower gels or soaps with ingredients like:

  •    Lavender: Lavender’s anti-perspiration and anti-fungal techniques make it a good option for soap and shower ingredient.
  •     Tea-tree oil: This pale yellow oil has a pleasant fresh camphoraceous fragrance. This oil has recently become popular for its anti bacterial and antiseptic properties. Using soaps and gels based on this oil would be very healthy for the skin.
  •     Lemon/Lime: Lemon derived soaps have also been widely used since a long time. Lemon based soaps give a refreshing feel as well take down growth of bacteria responsible for body odor.


2. Using Essential Oils: Essential oils contain aroma from plants and have a very less proportion of water. Popular essential oil types are the ones mentioned above and additionally, pine oil, citronella, cilantro can be good options too. Essential oils can mixed in water while bathing or some drops can be sprayed on towels, bed-sheets.


Aloe Vera3. Aloe vera Juice: Aloe vera is widely known for improving skin texture and healing wounds. As juice, aloe vera cleanses out internal organs like stomach, liver, spleen etc. These organs are involved in the excretory process and since sweat is also a type of excretion, it also gets considerably reduced after one takes aloe vera juice. Thus, aloe vera aids in deodorizing the body. Read more uses of aloe vera


4. Intake of chlorophyll: Chlorophyll has been scientifically proven to reduce sweat as well as control body odor. A few chlorophyll based natural products are there which are useful in controlling sweat. One of them is Alfa alfa Taken in juice or just chewed directly doesn’t matter in alfa-alfa. This herb contains chlorophyll which cleans out the internal organs and sweat glands. Additionally, alfa alfa is also a rich of various micronutrients.

Wheatgrass and spinach can also serve as an alternative to alfa alfa.


5. Baking Soda: Applying baking soda in the areas where odor due to sweat is more is also a very effective measure. Baking soda absorbs excess moisture due to sweat and reduces the growth of odor causing bacteria. Check out here more uses of baking soda


6. Be Hairfree!!: Armpits are that part of the human body which is covered most of the time and sweat generated there is most responsible for causing odor. When hair growth at the armpits is quite high, the sweat generated clings more to the skin and it is less absorbed by the clothes. This increases the quantity of bacteria responsible for sweating. Hence, it is advised to wax or shave the hair at the armpit regularly.


deodorants7. Using Talc and Deodorants: The consumer market is filled with various talc and deodorants which effectively reduce the sweat production and restrict bacteria growth. For better results with these products, one is advised to use the ones which have more natural products in the ingredients. The ones having menthol, peppermint based extracts are also good products to be used.


It is also advised to limit deodorant usage to maximum twice a day as it can cause allergies or inflammations to skin.


8. Rosemary: Rosemary is an evergreen herb of the Mediterranean and it has been linked for various benefits such as weight reduction, odor control, digestion improver etc. For body odor, rosemary is suggested to used in form of tea. It will improve the digestion and reduce sweat excreted.


9. Black Tea: Black tea, though more known for health benefits of weight management etc., is also a good source to evade body odors.


10. Check Quality of Clothing: Often cheap clothing material is unable to absorb to sweat and causes body odor to increase rapidly. One must stick to cotton or linen based clothing so that sweat is absorbed. Also, socks should regularly changed so that bacteria doesn’t get accumulated, causing stinking feet.


Regular cleaning aids such as towel, napkins should also be washed every fortnight. Changing bed-sheets, sheet covers, pillow covers etc. is also a must.


Fruits and Vegetables11. Eat Good!!: Avoid eating high oil content food and prefer vitamin and protein rich food which can be easily digested. The more the digestive system goes better, less would be the chances of one sweating excessively and causing body odor. Besides this, including soya milk, fish in regular diet would also curb down sweat.


Various methods mentioned above are a result of research and common practices among masses which has worked most of the times. It is advised that one should check whether he is allergic to the compounds mentioned above or not. In case of allergic responses, one must avoid that method.

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