The art of tattooing: some facts

Having a tattoo on the arms, legs, necks, waist or even shoulders have become very common these days among both the girls and the boys. But, how many of them do really know the historical detail about the tattoo art and how the art came into being? If we do a proper research then we will find that there is a very famous world history regarding the art of tattooing and it has not emerged suddenly in today’s world. The art of tattoo is very difficult and it was very popular even during the ancient days.


About the name Tattoo

The word tattoo is originated from two different words. The first part of the word that is “ta” is a Polynesian word which means to hit or smack something. The latter part of the word that is “ttoo” is derived from the Tahitian word “tatau” which means to mark or spot a little. There are different stories that are related with the word Tattoo. Some people say that the word Tattoo is originally a combination of two different Polynesian words. The first part is “Tata” which means to hit with hand on something frequently. The next part is “Au” which means color. Hence the word “Tattoo” came.


How the first Tattoo originated

The people sometimes think about the fact that how the first tattoo originated in the world and how come someone realized that tattoo can be a form of art. It is believed that the wound that was created from the accident was rubbed by someone with something which left a color though it was healed. It was found that the staining was permanent and was impossible to delete. Though it is believed that no one exactly knew when and how the first tattoo exactly originated but it is believed that the most primitive form of tattoo was on a mummy called Otzi.


History of tattoos

It was over 5000 years ago that the history of tattoos first began. Though now the tattoos are used for style and are the modernized version, but previously these were used for different purposes like celebrating different religious and mythological functions, cosmetic purposes and different other issues. During that time the designs of the tattoos were based on things like flowers, animals, monsters etc. It was also believed during that time the tattoos were considered to be the therapeutic treatment for disease like arthritis.


From the ancient time only the art of tattoo is very famous in different regions of the world. But they have different significance.  In India, China and Egypt the tattoo art was very famous from a long time. The people of Philippines use the tattoo for religious and as well as for the ornamental purpose and we can see that they prefer to use the full body tattoo. The art of tattoo was even very popular in some parts of Europe but, the Christianity prevented them to go for it. But, in the later part of the sixteenth century the art of tattoo was again reintroduced in Europe.


Types of tattoos

When it comes to tattoo then according to the American theory of tattoos, they are of basically five types. The first type is called the Natural Tattoo which is believed to have occurred from any accident and from the injuries. The other types are Amateur Tattoos, Professional Tattoos, Cosmetic Tattoos and Medical Tattoos. The Amateur Tattoos or the Professional Tattoos are considered to be the result of religious or any mythological commitment, mark of position, showing of bravery etc. the Cosmetic Tattoos are done with the help of the cosmetic surgery which are even considered to be the permanent makeup and it finally occurs in skin dis-colorization. The Medical Tattoos are resulted from radiotherapy.


The art of tattoo is a fashion

Tattoo ArtIn today’s world we can see that people of different ages are spotted with different types of tattoos in different parts of their body. It may have simple as well as some complex designs and it completely depends on the taste and the budget of the respective people.


As the art of tattoo is becoming very popular with each passing days, so it has become a fad to have a tattoo. Considering the popularity from an ancient age it is said that the tattoo is not just a simple trend but, it has some value too. Though previously it was mainly due to the devotion for religious or mythology but, these days the devotion has changed and the youngsters prefer to have tattoo by following the stars, or the celebrities.

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