Here's What You Need To Know About Sleep Paralysis And People Suffering From It!

Here’s What You Need To Know About Sleep Paralysis And People Suffering From It!

A spooky kind of sleep disorder has been scaring people for a long time now because of the unusual feeling and reaction our body has while under it.

According to an associate professor of clinical psychology at Argosy University in Washington, D.C., Brian Sharpless,
the biological explanation of sleep paralysis is that two aspects of REM (rapid eye movement) sleep — dreaming and paralysis — occur simultaneously while a person is awake, and this happens more often than most people think.

Other research says that normally, sleep paralysis combines dreaming and paralysis when people are unconscious but our eyes are open. Meaning, that the dreams are technically hallucinations, and they’re just as vivid as anything you’d see when you’re awake. In addition, the dreams can be “multisensorial,” meaning a person may not only see things, but hear and, in some cases, feel them too, the author of “Sleep Paralysis: Historical, Psychological and Medical Perspectives” (Oxford University Press, 2015), said.

People claiming to have experienced the disorder told horrifying stories of how sleep paralysis felt so real that they feel a weight on their chests.

It was like a “dead body climbed on top of me” as people from Mexico describes it.

In other cultures, ghosts or supernatural beings are the perpetrators of sleep paralysis.

Nevertheless, people should be aware of this kind of sleeping disorder– sleep paralysis is a serious condition that requires physiological expertise to fully understand.