Here's 8 reasons why one should pee in the shower daily! #4 is definitely convincing!

Here’s 8 reasons why one should pee in the shower daily! #4 is definitely convincing!

Let’s face it, peeing in the shower is not something you could just talk about anywhere to anyone.

We all have gross habits that we are not proud of. Boys and girls do it and who cares if it appears pleasant or not?

After reading this, you’ll discover the health benefits of peeing in the shower.

You could even sing Elsa’s Let It Go while at it.

1. Water Bills Would Decrease (Yes!)
Did you know that not flushing every time you pee could save you 1.5 to 3 gallons of water?

2. Clean As You Go
Peeing in the shower, at least for ladies, won’t require wiping tissues on their private area any more.

3. The Toilet Will Thank You
This can keep your bathroom toilets cleaner by reducing the flow pee into it.

4. Goodbye, Foot Fungus!
You might not know this, but pee has anti-fungal properties!

5. Down There Tightens
When you have kids or trouble controlling your flow, you might as well consider peeing in the shower, since squatting to pee will serve as its own workout.

6. Save Mother Earth
Aside from saving money because it decreases your water bills, the environment also benefits from you peeing in the shower.

7. You Are Not Alone
Almost 80% of the world does it. Yup, that’s right. You are not the only one with this dirty habit.

8. You Are Officially A Badass
Peeing in the shower might not sound as radical as getting pierced, still, not everyone has the guts to be able to do it.