Health benefits of rambutan seeds for diabetes and how to use them! Must Read!

Among the huge number of kinds of fruits in the entire world, everyone seems to become familiar with Rambutan. This fruit contains a unique and interesting hair on its skin and it also tastes sweet. It has a color of green when it is young and turns to red and yellow when it becomes ripe. Rambutan fruit or scientifically known as Nephelium Lappaceum is a tropical plant that us belong to the quarter-lerakan lerak or Sapincia Ceap that came from the island of Southeast Asia.

The tree of Rambutan loves a warm tropical temperature that ranges from 25°C. The height of this tree is measured about eight meters high and its plant produces flowers after seven years if it is grown from seeds. Nevertheless, at the age of two years, it has the ability to bloom if it is circulated by vegetative. Rambutan flowering has been influenced by the season or by the availability of the water. During the dry period, it stops the stimulation of vegetative growth as well as the development of the flower. In North Sumatra, who doesn’t have a dry season, Rambutan can only be produced for at least twice a year.

Rambutan Rapiah contains a lot of types such as Tiger, Nyonya and Binjai. Rambutan also contains a lot of benefits. For health, Rambutan can help in toning the muscles; can be used as a medicine for stomach as well as for removing worms in the intestines. Its root can be used to cure fever and its skin can also be used to treat disease of the tongue. Its leaves can also be used as an herbal medicine and its fruit contains toxic saponin. In Java, the fruit of Rambutan should be dried first before they use it as a medicine.

The fruits of Rambutan are packed with a lot of nutritional benefits that makes it priceless. Based on the study of some medicinal plant experts, Rambutan is consists of iron, potassium as well as Vitamin C. 100 grams or 3 pieces of Rambutan contains 69 calories, 18.1 grams of carbohydrates and 58 milligrams of Vitamin C. Its fiber is also remarkably high which reaches 2 grams per 100 grams of its fruit weight. Everything about Rambutan is extremely beneficial and most especially its seeds. It is not actually poisonous but instead it is loaded with fats, proteins and carbohydrates that provide the body’s everyday needs. The chemical substances that can be found in Rambutan can help in lowering the blood sugar levels. Its seeds are used as an alternative in treating the individuals who suffers from diabetes.


-Take five pieces of ripe fruit of Rambutan and start to separates it seeds.

-Slice the seeds of Rambutan to small parts.

-Leave the fruit until it turns to the color of dark yellow.

-Grind the seeds until it becomes a fine powder.

-Place the powder in a cup and pour a hot water in it.

-Mix them properly and leave it to cool.

-Consume this remedy before eating your meals on a daily basis.