Quinoa – Your Best Friend for Weight Loss

quinoa for weight lossQuinoa, with superior nutritional qualities is touted a super food offering exceptional health benefits. Dating back to over 5000 years the nutrient -dense Quinoa which, originated from South America, was regarded as the mother of all grains by the Incas. A nutritional staple for most people the incredible seeds, of late, have created a new revolution in weight loss plans as an ideal dietary supplement, to keep you in perfect shape and good health.


Quinoa Nutrition Facts

A plant-based source, quinoa contains 12%-18% of protein, which is almost twice the amount of this vital nutrient found in any other grain. The seeds also contain a balanced set of essential amino acids, which makes them a complex protein food. This combo makes quinoa an ideal option, since protein is linked to building up muscle mass and shedding weight, suitable to meet the complex requirements of a fitness regimen. Apart from this quinoa is a good source of calcium and magnesium, with high levels of iron and B12 Vitamins. Iron and vitamin B 12 are however, imperative for producing energy and losing weight, as B Vitamins have control over the body’s ability to synthesize essential nutrients. Furthermore, B vitamin deficiency acts against the body’s natural process for weight loss.


Filling Quinoa

Quinoa is not just rich in protein element, but also contains high levels of dietary fibre that provides satiety and fills up the stomach for prolonged periods. These two factors help curb the tendency for over snacking and frequent indulgence, which subsequently leads to weight loss. Moreover, dietary fibre prevents the occurrences of stroke and coronary heart disease by restricting the body from absorption of cholesterol and fat preventing build up of plaque within the arterial walls, which often lead to the risk of atherosclerosis.


Healthy Fat

Quinoa contains monounsaturated fats amounting to about 29%. In addition, the grains consist of 58% Polyunsaturated and just a meagre amount of saturated fat of 13%. These unsaturated fats totals up to good fats comprising of 87% and completely free of trans fat. This is enough reason to include quinoa as part of your fitness regimen.


Sans Gluten

Since quinoa is gluten free, it makes an excellent alternative to wheat, especially for people with wheat sensitivity and for those suffering from celiac disease.


Low GI

Quinoa, with a very low Glycemic Index, makes an amazing alternative to certain grains as they help release carbohydrates gradually making it easily digestible and filling up preventing the need for unhealthy sugary sweet indulgences. Hence, Diabetics who consume this grain have no sudden spikes and crashes in blood sugar levels. Besides, due to the low GI levels combined with protein, it is ideal for fitness enthusiasts wanting to build up muscles as quinoa helps shed weight by developing muscles.


Portion size

Although quinoa is not low in calories, eating the recommended portions help burn required calories for weight loss by providing a feeling of satisfaction, thereby averting the need to overeat thus cutting down on total calorie intake.


Hence, including Quinoa, as part of a diet besides offering incredible health benefits also prove effective for keeping you looking slimmer and more attractive.

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