Health Benefits of Honey with Milk

Honey with MilkHoney and milk
get along well; so much so that elders bless a newly married couple saying mingle like honey and milk. Since ancient times this wholesome mix is known for its amazing health benefits. Honey and milk even separately are very beneficial in many health aspects but their combined benefits provide desirable health results. Here are some of the various ways in which the combined mixture can help boost your health.


How to Prepare Honey Milk?

Make a drink of honey and milk by mixing a tablespoon of honey in a glass of warm milk and stirring it till the honey completely dissolves in the milk.


Benefits of Milk with Honey

The health benefits of this nutritious drink are underlined as follows:

Honey Milk Boost Your Stamina:

Take a glass of this combination before you set out for your day in the morning and you are guaranteed enough energy to help you get through the morning rush. Milk provides you the proteins required whereas honey with its carbohydrates helps in boosting your metabolism to get the energy by breaking down these proteins. No wonder this drink is meant for all ages alike. Elderly and young children can obtain their extra quota of strength from this daily energy dose.


Honey Milk for Stronger Bones:

Milk is known for providing calcium which in right levels helps in preventing bone diseases like arthritis and osteoporosis, to which our bones are prone to, as we age. Research has indicated that honey does a good job of carrying nutrients in the food through the blood to various parts of the body. In particular, honey helps in the absorption of calcium, the vital part of milk. Hence the combined drink will help you in getting the adequate quantity of calcium as well as in its assimilation.


Honey Milk for a Good Night’s Sleep:

Ask any sleep therapist or your grandmother for a solution to your sleeplessness and you are bound to get the same answer. A glass of warm milk taken with honey is best known to induce sleep. So take it regularly for a good night of sleep the easy way. (Check some more natural tips for a sound sleep)


Get a Youthful Glow with Milk and Honey:

Milk and honey help in preventing aging not only by keeping the skin glowing, but also your body as a whole as they contain antioxidants. These help in maintaining the body young and supple. Since time immemorial this has been an open secret in keeping your body look and feel young. (read benefits of honey for skin)


Antibacterial Benefits of Honey with Milk:

Both milk and honey are known to ward off harmful bacteria in our body, but their combined strength is more effective in achieving the same. Cough and cold are kept at bay by taking this drink regularly. It aids in digestion and the problems of flatulence or constipation are also taken care of. This is achieved as the drink acts as a prebiotic. A prebiotic helps in growth of probiotics which are good bacteria known to aid in digestion and treating intestinal disorders.


The beauty benefits of honey with milk are also well known as it is an antimicrobial cleaning agent which also adds a much needed glow to your skin. This is the reason they are extensively used in making cleansers and other beauty products widely used in spas and beauty parlours.


Use it anyway you want and rest assured of going in the right direction to a healthy life.

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