Habits that one do in the shower that doubles the risk of ovarian cancer!

Ovarian cancer is also known as the ‘silent killer’ due to the fact that a woman experiences no symptoms of this disease not until it has progressed to an advance stage.

The Natural Institute of Environmental Sciences study has said to be the first to link the ovarian cancer to the procedure which is reportedly practiced by millions of women around the world.

Most of the women practice private part douching because they thought it will help them become cleaner. But little did they know that this can only cause some various and dangerous health problems.

Most of the doctors are against the practice of squirting water or any fluids in the vagina because it will only change the natural balance of healthy bacteria and can only make it easier for it to pick up infections.

Studies have shown that almost 29% of 232 people actually admitted that they regularly douche their vagina while on the other hand, 57% of them admitted that they never did it.

With the help of this research it has been discovered that flushing water in to the vagina can be related to the pelvic inflammatory disease, cervical cancer, and fungal infections and may reduce fertility. This discovery has been approved by the experts which is said to be true and already tested.

Joelle Brown is an epidemiology professor at the University of California in San Francisco has said that the connection between douching and ovarian cancer took her by surprise although she is not part of the said research.

Even though most of the gynecologist and doctors do not recommend douching as a method of cleaning the vagina still a lot of women tend to do it because of the positive side of it which makes personal hygiene better.

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