Girls must read this: 5 Signs that your man is only in it for the sex.

In the age of social media dating, things are all about the image of one person or another. People will not deny that fact. Our world has evolved into a place that is full of aesthetics. How we see things really matters at the beginning than what is inside of us these days and now that is the fact of life. People who have actually met the world standards of aesthetic beauty have better chances at finding success in life. That is virtually shared knowledge at this point.  That is why the objectification of people is such a hot product these days. More often, men will treat women as items and properties and not as people.

The total power of commercialism has somehow leaked into relationships and it is affecting the minds and how numerous men think these days. These men will enter relationships for the sake of pleasure of the aesthetic experience. They will want to go out with hot women for pleasure and not for love or companionship. There are several situations where women are being used as sexual objects by men. These kinds of women are being deceived and they are led to believe that they have been caught in a love affair even when they are really not. It will take time for these ladies to recognize the fact that they are the victims in the game of sexual scoring and it is already too late. The men will have their fun while the women will have nothing good left for themselves.

We are not saying here that casual sex is wrong. As a matter of fact, there is nothing wrong with two adults that are engaging with sex with one another. It is an inborn carnal need of all human beings to be involved in pleasure. What is wrong in this situation is the deception factor. Men should not manipulate and treat women as objects who don’t have feelings. Men should not be in the business of misleading women, as well as abusing their emotions for their own personal growth. Nonetheless, the fact remains that there are numerous shameless guys out there who just don’t care about the world’s rule of human decency. There will be a huge number of men who will be deceiving their own women just to get the pleasure that they want. And in the very end, it is only the women who will end up feeling used, abused, as well as emotionally miserable.

That is why it is extremely necessary for women to always stay attentive. You have to make sure that you will be able to guard you heart from these types of men. If the only kinds or relationships that you are finding are the ones that are based on true love, and not lust, then you have to avoid these abusive men who only want sex. You have to be able to find them out in the crowd and avoid being with them like a plague. So how will you know whether the feeling of a man is real? How will you know that he is only in for sex? Well, there are some signs that you can be on the lookout for:

He rushes into saying that he loves you

He wants you to believe that he is being defenseless to you so that you can also be helpless to him in return. He wants to pretend to you that he has genuine feelings for you right off the bat even though he have not had the proper chance to let go of those feelings in order to develop into something real at all. It is all part of his act that he is trying to put on just to get what he really wants from you.

He is a little too touchy, and a little too early in the relationship

You can simply tell how much a man wants you sexually on how touchy he is. Typically, at the beginning of the relationship, he would keep his hands to himself out of respect for any boundaries you may actually have. He would be touching you if you have already expressed or let it be known that you are fine with it.

He does not make an effort to find out more about your life

If he is not expressing an interest beyond how you actually look, then it is all about the aesthetics for him. He only finds you hot and he just could not care less about what your soul is or what your personality is.

He does not make any efforts to make his life better

If a person is deeply in love with you, he would be actually inspired by you to make himself a better man. If it looks like he is still stuck where he was when you have started dating each other, then you can actually bet that he really isn’t as in love with you as you think. He doesn’t see a future in the relationship that you are both in and that is the reason why he isn’t trying hard to make things better for himself.

He tells you that all he wants is sex.

At least he is being honest with you, right? At least he is not trying to deceive and manipulate you into anything. He is being honest about his intentions with you and this is the point where you will make your decision. Are you open for this type of casual relationship with him that is founded on both of lust and sex? Or do you want something more? You are the only one who has the answers to these questions.

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