Get into a beautiful relationship!

Often, men assume that they know everything about women and their expectations in a relationship. Although some men do have a pretty good idea, most of them are far away from actuality.


A woman may be independent, brilliant, beautiful and impulsive. However, when it comes to the personal relationship with a man, she might not identify what she really wants until; she actually gets into a relationship. Therefore, if you are a man who is looking for a perfect companion, you need to understand what women exactly seek in men.


Get into a beautiful relationship

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Be truthful:

Research and studies reveal that women look for astuteness, smartness, compassion, resource and potential in men. However, the list continues! The crucial qualities a woman seeks in a man are sincerity, honesty and loyalty. She always wants to feel secured and comfortable with her man. As long as, a man is loyal and genuine to a woman’s feelings, she will pay back him with tons and tons of love and affection.


Make her feel Secured:
Make her feel secured

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The two major factors that women look for: financial stability and emotional stability. If you posses both of them, you’ll be cherished, respected and admired by your girl. The reason why women look for emotional stability in men is due to the familiar role of the ‘dad’ figure or other sorts of male figures they have had in their life. Although a woman is independent in nature, she would always love to lean on her man’s shoulder to feel secured and sheltered.


Listen to her:

As a perfect companion, a woman expects her man to understand her needs and fulfill them instantaneously. This way, he can develop a strong bonding with her. In addition to all these factors, it is important to listen to your girl. Listening is very important for the success of your personal relationship. Listen to your girl, respond her positively and make her feel that you are always there for her. Join hands in both happiness and sorrows. Generally, a woman doesn’t like a man who lets her down in unfavorable circumstances. If he does that, she’ll lose hope on him.


Let her be independent:

Generally, women like to enjoy their own freedom in any relationship. They wish to have their personal space. This makes them feel confident and independent. Therefore, never be a person who is ‘tough to handle’. Getting into a relationship doesn’t really mean that women should lose their individuality, independence and uniqueness. Respect the personal ideas and originality of your partner.


Respect her feelings:

If you treat her in a courteous and respectful way, you have already received a couple of stars in her “respectful behavior chart”. Remember, women are not ‘one-way’ street.  You should enter into a relationship with due respect. This is because; the path in which you begin a relationship is the path in which you continue also.


Make her smile:

Simply put, she should be confident enough to spend the rest of her life with you. Cheer her up when she is upset, appreciate her achievements, and make her laugh to your silly jokes. Convey your love and affection through plain and simple gesticulations and cute gifts. These may look and feel simple. However, these are the things that make every relationship get going.


Tidy up:

Basically, women give more importance to cleanliness. Women give preference to men who keeps themselves hygienic and well-groomed.  Therefore, take your time to groom yourself and present yourself as a smart and handsome guy. Also, make sure that you keep your environment clean. Absolutely ‘NO’ clutter around the living room.


Don’t be desperate:

Women hate men who are desperate and needy. Don’t try too hard to impress her. Give her enough time to develop a good rapport with you. Be natural and be yourself. If you wish to have a long term relationship, then you have to wait until she accepts you the way you are. After all, she likes to explore your traits and understand them too.


 Act matured:

Women like to notice maturity in both behavior and traits. Give her an idea about your maturity in simple ways. Tiny valuable gestures from your end will be greatly appreciated by her. It also portrays you as a matured man. Hold the doors for her on a date night, give her a hand to help her get out of the car; lend a hand to fix the clutter in her apartment. All these gestures and munificence works like a charm and describe you as a mature and generous person.


To conclude, a woman likes to share the rest of her life with a man who appreciates her feelings, listen to her ideas and loves her in an unconditional way. If you think that you have these qualities or wish to develop these qualities, go ahead and seek out your “Anarkali”! All the best!!

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