Foods That Trigger Acne

Foods that cause acneAlthough depicted as a bane during the teens, acne affects people of all ages.  For some, acne disappears by 30, while for others it continues beyond that- surprisingly even until fifty years of age.  Triggered by inflammation of the skin glands and hair follicles, acne manifests through zits, lesions and other skin blemishes on the shoulders, neck, face, chest and back.  Although various factors have been proved scientifically regarding the causes for acne outbreak, a few facts like its relationship with diet is still debated among scientists.  Nevertheless, let us look at some of the foods that in all probability can lead to skin eruptions.


Foods That Cause Acne

Avoid Dairy Products

Excessive intake of dairy products result in acne outbreaks as they contain additives and hormones similar to testosterone, a hormone,  that by stimulating the hormones in the body lead to greasy skin with blocked pores, one of the main contributors for skin blemishes.  Since dairy is abundant in vitamin D and calcium imperative for healthy skin, bones and teeth, it is advisable to take them in small quantities.

dairy products


Keep away from Sugary Treats

Sugary treats and eats like fizzy drinks, cakes, pastries and chocolate quickly break down into sugar.  These shoot up insulin and androgen levels and have a direct impact on the skin due to oxidative stress resulting in excessive secretion of sebum, clogged pores inflamed skin and breakouts.

Avoid Candies to Prevent Acne


Refrain from Processed Foods

Processed or refined foods consisting of white flour and salt such as baked products, due to their high glycemic index affect blood sugar and hormone levels.  These cause a rise in insulin levels and oxidative stress making the skin oily.  However, it is the processed carbohydrates and not the fat that affects skin leading to breakouts.  Hence taking plenty of fresh fruits and veggies can work wonders for the skin by keeping them flawless.

Junk Food


Do not take Caffeinated Beverages

Another substance that triggers acne is caffeine, which causes oxidative stress and throws hormones off balance.  Hence, it is advisable to opt for herb infused tea/coffee, without alarming side effects.


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Preventive Measures to Avoid Acne Triggers

foods for glowing skinAvoid highly processed junk food with excessive sugars and salts. Instead, opt for wholesome healthy foods with anti-inflammatory properties.  Choose foods such as fish oil and salmon rich in omega3 fatty acids, coupled with antioxidants in the form of vitamins E, C and A.  Take vibrantly coloured foods with flavonoid antioxidants such as red wine, green wine, fruits and veggies that prevent free radical damage keeping the skin flawless and smooth.  A diet high in fibre along with zinc and selenium may prove highly beneficial in preventing acne breakouts.  Keep away from dairy and increase intake of foods with low glycemic index, which helps maintain glowing skin.  Skipping foods that cause specific allergies, for a period of six months will sure help.


Besides a healthy diet, regular exercise, drinking eight to ten glasses of water every day keeps body hydrated.  Most important of all having eight hours of restful sleep, avoiding stress and remaining relaxed helps open up pores, keeping the skin radiantly healthy.

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