Five Simple Home Remedies for Treating a Cough

Home Remedies for Common Cough

Home Remedies for Common Cough

Winter is here…and along with it comes cold air, chills and cough affecting a majority of the people. Cough, for instance can become a very irritating phenomenon indeed, considering their unpleasant symptoms that could dampen spirits. Very often, it occurs due to an upper respiratory tract viral infection or allergies. Bouts of persistent cough lasting for over three months can at times signify an underlying problem, which needs medical attention. However, for treating simple viral infections and allergy-prone cough, instead of rushing to the nearest pharmacy to buy across the counter decongestants, reach out to humble ingredients from your pantry for quick effective relief.


Home Remedies for Common Cough

Here are five simple home remedies for cough using ingredients from the pantry with proven effects to stop a cough…


1. Ginger for Cough

ginger sliceThe powerful anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial substances in the ginger root helps destroys virus that causes cough. With natural antihistamine compounds, ginger stimulates mucus secretion offering relief from cough and chest congestion. It also enhances immunity and prevents further bacterial attacks. Hence, to enjoy the goodness of ginger steep two tablespoons each of fennel seeds and chopped ginger in two cups of hot boiling water for ten to fifteen minutes. Strain the brew and consume with a squeeze of lemon and honey. Drink three cups of this decoction a day, every two hours for desirable results.


2. Garlic

Garlic for CoughGarlic remains undisputed when it comes to treating stubborn cough and other respiratory disorders owing to their potent antioxidant elements. Their natural antibiotic and antibacterial properties safeguard the body from viral attacks and improve resistance. Therefore, consuming crushed garlic clove along with a couple of drops of honey and clove oil dispels cough and respiratory disorders. [Also read: Health Benefits of Garlic Milk]


3. Onions

OnionsOnions are one of the simplest and the most effective remedy for alleviating cough. The antioxidant and sulphur compounds in onions when combined with the flavonoids and antibacterial substances of honey make a wonderful natural expectorant. Soaking onion and honey overnight and consuming one to three tablespoons of this mixture twice a day proves effective.


4. Turmeric

turmeric powderTurmeric is a time-tested remedy for treating persistent cough, especially in ayurveda. Taking a cup of hot milk mixed with a pinch of turmeric is a proven remedy owing to the potent antibacterial substances. Gargling hot- water –turmeric- mix also has a reputation for soothing the inflamed tissues. Turmeric mixed with honey also consume thrice a day impedes dry cough and provides relief. Besides this, making tea by combining a tablespoon of turmeric steeped in hot boiling water, for a few minutes, strained and consumed with a drop each of honey and lemon assuage chest congestion and cough.


5. Almonds

AlmondsAn ancient remedy to get rid of cough is by sipping orange juice blend with ground almonds. According to traditions, the healthy nutrients in almonds and the vitamin c properties in orange ease symptoms of bronchitis including cough. Another remedy for cough is to make a paste consisting of half a dozen almonds soaked in water for eight hours. Mix the paste with a blob of butter and consume thrice a day to reduce the symptoms.

Try out these remedies and do not just stop coughing, but also see an overall improvement in health and immunity keeping coughs, cold and flu at arm’s length.

Stay healthy and happy!

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