Five Food Sources Naturally High in Calcium

Calcium Rich FoodsOne of the key elements found abundantly in the human body, is calcium. A mineral, highly imperative for performing various functions of the body, Calcium is essential for building strong teeth and healthy bones. It is also vital for effective muscle functioning, regulates blood pressure, maintains healthy blood cells and protects the body from risk of type 2 diabetes, caused by insulin resistance. Calcium is necessary, especially for women during their reproductive and menopausal stage, as they are more prone to calcium depletion, during monthly menstrual cycles and childbirth. In addition, vitamin D nutrient plays a chief role in calcium absorption. Therefore, pairing vitamin D by way of food or sunlight exposure, along with naturally rich calcium foods can surely help meet the RDA of this mineral.


Five Food Sources Naturally High In Calcium



A glass of Milk makes one of the richest natural sources of calcium. An ideal substance for obtaining the much-required RDA of calcium, a single cup serving of milk provides 300 milligram of easily digestible calcium helping better absorption in the body. However, based on several studies, it is advisable to consume milk obtained from grass-fed cows that is more heart-friendly.




Benefits of YogurtYogurt offers a good dose of 400 mg per single serving of this essential mineral. The creamy substance makes an excellent alternative for Milk, especially for people with an intolerance to lactose, with protein allergy or for those with a natural dislike for the taste of milk. Protein-rich with friendly bacteria, protecting the gut, yogurt’s lactic acid element along with its culturing process makes this culinary substance, better digestible than milk helping enhanced absorption of milk calcium. Moreover, the intestine-friendly lacto bacteria promote healthy colon, preventing the risk of colon disease and cancer. [Find out more health benefits of yogurt]


Green Leafy Vegetables

vegetables for weight lossBesides dairy products, Green leafy vegetables such as broccoli, collard greens, watercress, kale, lettuce, spinach, turnip greens, cabbage and celery are also loaded with calcium. One exception, though, is spinach, which normally belongs to the group of leafy green, but owing to the presence of oxalic acid have a natural tendency to interfere with calcium absorption in the body. [Also read: Green Leafy Vegetables for Weight Loss]


Sesame seeds

Sesame SeedsThese tiny wonders offers 88mg calcium per teaspoon, which is equivalent to a cup of milk. For instance, quarter cup of sesame seeds provides 351 mg of this essential mineral, while a cup of non-fat milk offers 316.3 mg of the same mineral. These besides being effective cancer fighters, reduce inflammation and lower blood pressure levels in the body. [Check out more health benefits of sesame seeds]



Fresh, canned or tinned, fish varieties with soft bones such as sardines and salmon make excellent natural sources of calcium. Besides the calcium factor, these kinds of fish offer an added bonus of offering ample amounts of vitamin D element, which is crucial for effective absorption of this mineral.


Exercise Caution

Although the World Health Organisation recommends an RDA of calcium as 500 mg, according to several surveys, most women, especially during pre and post menopause take 1500 mg per day on prescription. This increased dosage, however can cause more harm than good as the unabsorbed mineral deposited in the soft tissues can result in various health hazards such as tightened muscles, hypertension, narrowed blood vessels, atherosclerosis, angina, heart attacks, kidney stones, gallstones, constipation, breast calcifications and fibrositis among others.

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