Five best beaches of India

Feeling stressed out? Are the pressures of work and everyday life wearing out your nerves? Or do you tend to snap at everyone for some silly reason? Are you an IT Professional working long and odd hours at a BPO and are feeling low and lethargic? Well, the only solution to get back to normal is to take a break from the stressful life and go on a holiday. Most people tend to make a beeline to hill stations, resorts, places of historical interest or some serene and peaceful locales. However, a holiday by the sea is by far the most preferred destination because of the rejuvenating power of the sea, the sand, the surf and the gentle swaying of the palm trees on the shore.


“Sit in reverie and watch the changing color of the waves that break upon the idle seashore of the mind.”  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow



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What makes a beach a good holiday destination?

A seaside resort is a hot favorite amongst tourists and most people dream of a tropical paradise lazing around with a drink in hand. The sun, sand and the surf can relax even the most addicted workaholics. Beaches have become even more attractive nowadays as there are endless opportunities for fun and adventure. Water sports like scuba diving, water scooters, boating; snorkeling and parasailing have made seaside resorts even more popular.


India, being a peninsular, has a coastline which extends for 6,700 Kms, with The Bay of Bengal to the West, The Arabian Sea to the East and the Indian Ocean to the South, and is home to some of the finest beaches to be found in the world. The scenic and peaceful atmosphere coupled with the sporting activities available, have made a vacation by the beach the most preferred amongst the tourist, who throng seaside resorts every year to enjoy a fun filled, and relaxing vacation.


The Best Beaches in India:

There is no dearth of beaches to be found along the Indian coastline renowned for their beauty, serenity and of course the various activities which is the main attraction. Goa, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, The Andaman and Nicobar Islands, and Karnataka are famous for their beaches and attract tourists from across the globe. A list of five of the best beaches in India, which is most preferred by tourists worldwide, are described below and they make for a perfect holiday destination for you, your family and your friends.


Aguada Beach, Goa:

Goa is famous the world over as a holiday spot and tourists throng this place every year from across the world. Having been a Portuguese settlement before Independence, Goa is known for its relaxed lifestyle, exotic Goan Cuisine, nightlife. Citadels, Old Churches and Monuments found here also is a major attraction. Having a long coastline Goa is dotted with beaches which are very popular with domestic as well as international holidaymakers. The Aguada Beach is one such tourist hotspot made all the more famous because of the famous Aguada Fort situated here which provides an excellent view of the sea. A part of this Fort has now been converted into a prison and the other part has been transformed into a plush resort.

Aguada Beach

Aguada Beach, Goa (Image courtesy of Drmarathe/Wikipedia)

The sea is quite shallow in this area and offers excellent opportunity for various water sports. The ride on a speed boat is especially exhilarating and as one goes deeper into the sea, one can see dolphins at play and sometimes they even follow your boat, prancing playfully among the silvery waves! Scooter Rides, Parasailing and Banana Rides are also some of the water sports worth a try.


Kovalam Beach, Kerala:

God’s Own Country, Kerala is famous for its long coastline; about 600 Kms, and has some of the most beautiful and breathtaking sea fronts in the world. The Western Ghats, the swaying palm trees and the tropical climate draws tourists to this state like a magnet. The deep blue Arabian Sea, Nature Cure and Ayurveda Centers and the water sports draw tourists from across the world.

Kovalam Beach

Kovalam Beach, Trivandrum (Image source:

Located just 16 Kms away from the capital of Kerala, Kovalam Beach is one of the more popular beaches of Kerala. A preferred haunt for both domestic and international tourists since 1930, this beach has a rocky projection which creates a natural bay and makes the waters here calm and ideal for swimming and other water activities like sunbathing, catamaran cruising and getting herbal body massages. A number of Ayurvedic massage centers, shopping zones and beach shacks which offer typical Kerala cuisine as well as continental food, makes this place a must visit for all tourists.


Mahabalipuram or Mammalapuram, Chennai:

Located 58 Kms from Chennai on the East Coast, Mahabalipuram or Mammalapuram as it is also called was the second capital of the Pallava Kings of Kancheepuram. This tiny village boasts of miles of unspoiled beach, rock art and boulders strewn around. Sculpture and rock art of the Pallava reign are world famous and include Arjuna’s Penance, which has been carved out on a single rock and depicts scenes from the Mahabharata and the Five Rathas, which are temples shaped in the form of Rathas or Chariots. The Shore Temple is another attraction and stands close to the sea shore as a proud sentinel of a bygone era. Man made sculptures vie for space with natures own marvels including a giant ball like rock, known as the Butter Ball, which is suspended on a hillock at an odd angle. Artisans line the sides of the streets busy chiseling away on stone, carving statues of Gods and Goddesses. After the visit to the temples and various other attractions, the best way to relax would be to go for a dip in the sea, which is quite shallow and ideal for swimming.

Mahabalipuram Beach

Mahabalipuram Beach

Radhanagar Beach, Andaman & Nicobar Islands:

Nestled in the eastern part of the Bay of Bengal, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands are a group of islands which are a part of Indian territory. Numbering about 572, most of these islands are inhabitated. Highly picturesque, with coral reefs surrounding them, these isalnds, covered with a thick canopy of flora and fauna are a perfect getaway for holiday makers looking for peace, tranquility and a life away from modern civilisation. Part of this chain of islands, the Havelock Island, is nothing short of a jewel in the sea.


Radhanagar Beach: One of the main beaches in this island is the Radhanagar Beach with its  golden stretches of sand, crystal clear waters and romantic sunsets. It is a perfect holiday destination and the tourist gets to enjoy nature at its most glorious and virgin best. Perfect for a romantic interlude, for those seeking to hear the sound of silence and for those wanting to coexist with nature, this beach beckons with the mystical whisper of the swaying fronds and misty breeze.

Radhanagar Beach

Radhanagar Beach, Andaman and Nicobar Islands (Image source: Wikipedia)

Kanyakumari Beach, Tamilnadu:

According to Hindu legend, a virgin goddess fell in love with lord Shiva and tried to win him over by doing penance. Although Shiva did acknowledge her passion for him, he asked her to wait for another rebirth to marry him. Furious at being thwarted, she flung all the food that had been prepared for her wedding feast off the southernmost tip of the Indian Peninsula, which later came to be known as Kanyakumari. Hindu pilgrims believe that the colored sands found on the shore are the remnants of this feast which got washed ashore. It is also sacred to the people of India as it is the meeting point of three oceans; the Arabian Sea, The Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean. After his assassination in 1948, Mahatma Gandhi’s ashes were scattered in the waters at this place and the spot where the urn containing his ashes were placed is known as the Gandhi Memorial. Earlier, in 1982, the great philosopher, Vivekananda came to Kanyakumari to do penance and in 1970 a memorial was built, The Vivekananda Memorial, on the rock where he sat in meditation. The beach itself, with its multi hued sands, alluring sunrise and sunsets is worth a visit, even though it might be a bit risky for going too deep into the sea as the waters here can get a bit choppy.


Kanyakumari (Image: Wikipedia)

A holiday at the beach can go a long way to improve one’s physical and mental health. The therapeutic effect of the waves, the warm sand below your feet and the sound of the sea certainly have a soothing effect and helps rejuvenate the body and soul, thus proving that Beach Therapy is indeed important to help us to relax our frazzled nerves. “Our memories of the ocean will linger on, long after our footprints in the sand are gone.” (Anonymous)

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