Find Out Why Some People Have a Tiny Extra Hole in Their Ear

A human’s body is full of wonders. Even at the most recent technology, there are still a lot of answers left untold about the mysteries of a human. There are people who try to figure out these mysteries on their own but innately fail. There are just a lot of complex details that have been put and embedded into a single person that the level of uniqueness is truly incredible. It is hard to decipher why our lungs seem to be programmed to only breathe in oxygen and then breathe out carbon dioxide in a matter of seconds.

Have you ever questioned why your body is made or formed the way it is? Is there a genetic trait of the family that was passed onto you and wonder what it’s actually for? One of these might be the Preauricular Sinus or that tiny little piercing-looking hole that you have in your ear. They can be very easy to miss and you might not even know you have one. It often is mistaken for a piercing hole and might try to stick in earring on it, but that is something you should never do.

The sinus hole itself is harmful, it will not give you any hearing complications but it is very susceptible to infections. If it stays exposed or have any foreign object to enter it, it can get infected severely. The sinus can be removed surgically but extra care is enough to keep it from getting inflamed and bring forth discomfort. There is nothing to worry about the sinus not unless you have poor hygiene. Just clean the area regularly and avoid picking it or pushing things inside.

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